The Blow Drying Secrets of Kate’s Mane Man

Achieve Duchess Catherine’s blow dry in 8 simple steps.

It’s no wonder that Duchess Kate’s hairdresser, Richard Ward is all about glossy, frizz-free finish. Creator of the ‘Chelsea Blow-Dry’, Richard offers his royal tips on how to achieve your own duchess-worthy ‘do.

1.   Hair needs to be at its best before you begin. ‘People are time-poor, so they need a basic haircare range that does exactly what it says on the tin,’ Richard says of The Chelsea Collection Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner range, $19.95

2.   Don’t rough-dry your hair, as it may change the structure of the hair. ‘It’s very hard to bring it back to being smooth again,’ explains Richard.

3.   Start blow-drying from 75 per cent wet hair. It will take longer but you want it to look the best it can.

4.   An absolute must is a decent professional hairdryer – the best you can afford to buy.

Richard Ward, creator of the ‘Chelsea Blow-Dry’.

5.   Always use the nozzle. It directs the heat and forces the cuticles to close, which gives your hair a glossy look.

6.   Use a real bristle brush – not metal. It’s all about forcing the hair cuticles to lie flat. It will give the appearance of healthy-looking hair.

7.   Spend the most amount of time around the hairline – that’s the bit people see first.

8.   When using serums and oils, less is more. Always rub it into your hands like a cream before applying. Spritz bulking sprays onto your roots for lift, while serums can be applied to your mid-lengths and ends to stop frizz.

“Everything you see about her is absolutely how she is… and she’s a lot more low-maintenance than you would imagine.” Richard reveals.

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