Pregnant Bec Judd still eats raw fish and soft cheese

The expecting mum talks to New Idea about her parenting style

She’s an adoring mother-of-two with twins on the way so if anybody knows a thing or two about parenting, it’s Rebecca Judd.

The TV presenter, who is married to AFL legend Chris Judd, revealed to New Idea she happily feasts on foods like raw fish and soft cheese despite it being taboo to do so while you’re expecting.

The stunning Melbourne-based star recently said, ‘I’m not worried about raw fish and soft cheese, not when they’re sourced from Aussie suppliers. I’m careful about shopping for those types of food, but I know pasteurised foods are fine. The more I talk to my obstetrician, the better I feel about it.

‘I had oysters from Aptus Seafoods in South Melbourne [recently], and they’re the best in the country. I’m careful with it, I’m not stupid. With Oscar [the couple’s first born], I didn’t eat any of it and it was fine but now, I eat it all.’

Rebecca Judd/Instagram
(Credit: Rebecca Judd/Instagram)

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