How to spot a cheating partner

Is your other half being unfaithful?
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Ever wonder where the term summer fling came from? Well, majority of men and women more likely to stray in the warmer months than any other time of year meaning, prime cheating season is rapidly creeping up on us.

According to Luke Matthews, Director of Heartbreakers, a leading Private Investigations Company specialising in cheating partners, missing persons and social media investigations, the warmer months are notorious for affairs and if you suspect your partner is cheating, more often than not, your intuitions lead you in the right direction.

But, intuitions aside, Mr Athens shares a few simple ways to spot a cheater…

Track their travel

It might sound a little extreme but you’ll be able to find out exactly where your partner has been and whether or not it’s where they said they were. By keeping track of the kilometres in the car, you’ll be able to see if it matches the distance in which they would normally travel or if they have been sneaking out in the middle of night. While you’re keeping track of their travel, check his or her Opal card statements to find out exactly what suburbs they were hopping on and off at or even their toll statement if you want to go the extra mile. It’s not stalking when it’s your partner, right?!

Dig deep

Rubbish bins are commonly used to discard of any unwanted items that said, it’s also a good place to start looking for clues – Yes, you heard that right!! Whether it’s a receipt from a fancy dinner or a spontaneous gift you know wasn’t for you, these small clues can give you pretty good indications of someone’s activities. While you’re looking through trash cans, why not search the trash or internet history on his or her computer, you’ll be sure to find something there even if they did go to the effort of trying to dispose of it.

Monitor their phone

It seems the most obvious yet it’s probably the most difficult as many people don’t leave their phones out of their sight – especially, if they had something to hide. That said, taking their phone to the bathroom or having to carry it around the house with them could ring alarm bells. Take the opportunity while they are sleeping to go through the texts, calls and pictures on their phone and even if you feel they have deleted the evidence, services like Heartbreakers are able to obtain any deleted files that have been deleted from any device so, you’re not out of luck yet.

Keep track of bank statements

This of course is easier if you share a bank account as you have access to bank statements. Looking for purchases made while they were interstate or while they were meant to be at work is a good place to start. Athens says, cheating partners will often have to buy condoms or a bottle of wine or gifts that might strike you as odd or misplaced.

Schedule changes

Most of us are suckers for routine so if you notice your partner starting to stray from his or her regular routine, this is something to take note of. Staying back late at work, an increase in social activities and events you are not invited to can all lead to growing suspicion about your partner’s whereabouts.

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