New beauty treatments we’ll see everywhere in 2019

Speedy, effective and not as expensive as you might think.

Cosmetic surgery trends come and go. Some aren’t worth our time or our hard-earned cash. Others are downright dangerous! But every now and again some very impressive treatments arrive on the scene.

Here, a quick look at three of our current favourites. They’re awesome and for a number of reasons – one of which is that they actually work. Scroll down and find out what they are, how much they cost and whether they’re for you.

The Non-Surgical Facelift

This clever procedure delivers focused ultrasound energy deep into the skin. So, I hear you say? Well, this energy causes skin to lift and tighten (hurrah!) and also promotes maximum collagen rejuvenation. That’s important and here’s why. Collagen is the stuff that keeps skin looking plump and dewy fresh and firm. We have loads of it when we’re young, but it decreases over time.

This treatment sorts that out and in a very big way.

Results can be seen immediately. However, this is a treatment that keeps on giving. At least for a while. Studies show that collagen production continues to increase in the six to 12 weeks post Ulfit, resulting in a tighter, more contoured look that can last more than 12 months.

Better still, it’s not painful and can be used on both the body and the face. It’s quick too with one area taking about 15 minutes to treat and involves no downtime so you can head straight back to the office or to pick up the kids from school and nobody will be the wiser.

Costs will vary depending on how many areas you wish to have treated and where you have the treatment done but expect to pay at least $350 for a small area.

The Cellulite Buster

First of all can I say this – if you have cellulite you are not alone. Indeed, studies show that it affects a full 85 per cent of women over the age of 20. Why is this? Because it is entirely natural. In fact, cellulite is just regular fat that is poking its way through the connective tissue strands that hold fat in place.

If your tissue strand system is not that robust, the fat will be more obvious and voila – you have cellulite. It is not a big deal. And yet – I don’t know a woman in the world who doesn’t cringe at the idea of putting it on display. If you’re one them you might like to try innovative radio-frequency treatment.

This style of treatment uses massage and suction to stimulate collagen production and alter the septae (the formal name for the tissue strand system) so they don’t pull as hard on the skin, causing dimples. There’s also heat energy added to help shrink your fat cells. Once shrunk, the fat is processed by your liver and away it goes!

The treatment is relatively painless. In fact, I’ve tried it and found it to be relaxing – even enjoyable. And it is effective too. The treatment is one of the most popular at Body Catalyst, says clinic operations director Amy McKendrick.

“We are really excited about this treatment, because we are finding that women are finally experiencing more body confidence and feeling more comfortable in their own skin. We help people to make a shift in their lives, promoting a lasting change,” says Amy.

You’ll need about four to eight 60 to 90-minute sessions. Again prices vary but expect to pay at least $200 a session.

Results can last for a year but you will likely need top up treatments after this.

The Multi-Purpose Treatment

Fine lines and wrinkles, visible pores, acne scars or stretch marks – they can all be treated by the latest incantation of the DermaPen and extremely effectively too. The DermaPen 4 is a genuine game-changer and the beauty industry is very, very excited about it. And rightly so.

When moved across the skin’s surface, the DermaPen 4 device stimulates natural collagen reproduction, while allowing fine ‘channels’ to be created in the skin.

These ‘channels’ (yep – they’re made by the needles but try not to think about that) can carry up to 80 per cent more topical nutrients, allowing for treatment delivery deep into the skin’s fibroblasts. This increased absorption means more impressive and faster resurfacing results too.

You will need a topical numbing cream before the treatment but once that’s applied you can sit back and relax. It’s barely noticeable. I swear. And the results are nothing less than epic.

You will need four to six treatments roughly four to six weeks apart to see maximum results however. And if you’re working on scars and/ or stretch marks you’ll need a few more depending on how severe they are.

A single treatment will set you back about $280. Most clinics will charge less per session if you book several.

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