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Viral TikTok hack shares the one product you need to clean everything

"It is time to simplify your cleaning routine."
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A professional cleaner has shared her secret to using just one product to clean everything at home in a now-viral TikTok video.

WATCH BELOW: Professional cleaner reveals the one product you need to clean everything

Melbourne woman Kacie Stephens has shared the ultimate cleaning hack with her 380k followers, garnering over one million views on the video.

In the short clip, Kacie reveals how she uses a concentrated dishwashing liquid to clean everything, from ovens, greasy stovetops and sinks to shower screens and floors.

“I’m a professional cleaner and I’m here to show you that you have been sold a lie,” she began in the clip.

tiktok cleaning hack
“I’m here to show you that you have been sold a lie.” (Credit: TikTok)

In the video, Kacie, who owns a cleaning business called The Big Clean Co, shared several shots of all the different surfaces before and after they were cleaned.  

“You do not need a different cleaning product for every surface of your house, you only need one,” she said.

“Made in Australia using biodegradable ingredients and a recyclable plastic bottle, it is time to simplify your cleaning routine,” she said of the dishwashing liquid.

tiktok cleaning hack
Dishwashing liquid can be used to clean everything. (Credit: TikTok)

The hack was met with praise by viewers, who took to the comments to share how the product has changed the way they clean.

“I am professionally cleaner and all you need is good old dishwashing liquid,” one user wrote.

“I use washing detergent in a bottle with water! It works a treat,” another added while a third said: “I use washing up liquid to clean everything.”

tiktok cleaning hack
Kacie has a lot more cleaning tips on her TikTok page. (Credit: TikTok)

Kacie often shares her cleaning secrets on the platform, and recently shared another video – which now has over four million views – on how a “professional cleans a shower”.

She started off by removing everything, before wiping down the whole shower with dishwashing liquid, or detergent, including the hinges and chromes.

“Then we grab a grout brush and we scrub. Once done we rinse, dry and put everything back. When we use dishwashing liquid we don’t even need a glass cleaner.”

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