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The easiest vegetables you can grow in your home garden

Good for the environment and good for your belly!
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Ever thought about growing your own fruit and vegetables? 

Perhaps you’ve made attempts that haven’t worked out, or you didn’t know where to start. 

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Growing your own food is environmentally sustainable, reduces food wastage, saves money, and helps you and your family to have a healthier relationship with food. 

Lydia Blocksidge, the recently appointed head gardener at popular Mudgee foodie destination The Zin House, shares her favourite foods to grow, and why. 

Lydia has a few favourite veggies that she likes to grow in her own garden. (Credit: Supplied)


These vibrant veggies are easy and satisfying to grow, with only 25-35 days from planting the seeds to harvesting your first radishes! Lydia’s favourite varieties are French Breakfast and Pink Beauty. 

Broad Beans

Every part of this plant is edible including leaves, flowers, and the beans themselves. Lydia’s tip is to have some plants to harvest leaves and flowers from, and others for beans. 

Cos Lettuce

Lydia’s favourite lettuce variety. It’s hardy and forms a dense head which is crunchy and delicious. 

Growing your own vegetables is easier than you think. (Credit: Getty)

Rainbow Chard

This green leafy vegetable is easy to sow and once mature, you can harvest the outer leaves for six months or more. 

Purple Mizuna

An attractive crop with green and purple leaves, mizuna is similar to chard in that it can be constantly harvested once mature, and can be used either fresh in salads, or sauteed. 


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