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New Idea 6-week family health challenge: the final reveal

Our families have a new lease on life!

We’ve come to the end of the New Idea 6-week family health challenge and our families are overjoyed with their results. After weeks of hard work and healthy eating the families have noticed a major improvement in their health and happiness.

“All the results achieved by the families are mind-blowing!” says Clinical Nutritionist, Rebecca Miller “To know my knowledge has rubbed off and helped others is extremely satisfying and rewarding.” “ Hearing all the positive feedback has been so rewarding” adds Penny Walsh our Health and Fitness Lifestyle expert, “ The amazing results really bring a smile to my face, I’m so proud of them all!’

Bec Miller and Penny Walsh
[Left] Bec Miller, Clinical Nutritionist. [Right] Penny Walsh Health and Fitness Lifestyle Professional (Credit: Supplied)

“Wow, look at us now!”

The Tesi family have found that in the past, fad dieting has given them short-term success and they set out with a goal to make a proper lifestyle change. Parents Elsa and John have lost a combined weight of 32kgs and they’re thrilled that their new healthy habits have had a positive impact on the whole family “we’ve noticed a positive behavioural difference in the kids and we’re all sleeping better” says mum Elsa.

Watch: Elsa and John talk about their positive outcomes.

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“We’re so much healthier and happier”

The tight-knit Woodward family are overjoyed with the results and attribute their success to the healthy meal plan. They also admit that exercising as a family was a key factor in their success “What we focused on was no matter what popped up, if you can’t get to the gym or an exercise class at least try to fit in a daily walk” says, Amanda. The mum-of-two admits that even though they reduced their portion sizes she never felt hungry or like she was on a diet. “I’m so proud of the kids for being more adventurous with healthy foods” she says “Georgie now loves a protein berry shake and Daniel’s new love of smashed avocado and egg on toast for breakfast is great – although it’s putting a slight dent on our bank account!”

The Woodward family
The Woodward family (Credit: Bret Brogan)

“It’s been a life-changing experience for us!”

We’ve loved watching the journey of Zoe Michele, her Mum Leonie and Aunty Trudi. 30-year-old Zoe Michele has battled through many health conditions which saw her put on weight. Six months ago, Zoe set out on a healthy lifestyle change and she lost an impressive 12kgs. She wanted to continue on that journey and encouraged her Mum Leonie, 58 and Aunty Trudi, 55 to join her on New Idea’s 6-week Family Health Challenge. All three have seen amazing results, they’ve gained more energy and have started to enjoy a new-found love of exercise. “I feel like we’ve all kick-started the new year right” Zoe says “it’s a great set up for a healthier 2019 and a healthier future for us all.”

Watch: Leonie and Trudi tell of their empowering journey on the 6-week Challenge.

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