This fitness tracker told me more than my personal trainer ever did

After using this smartwatch for just one month, I am back on track.

For most, there is something about getting into a gym routine that feels strangely unfathomable, whether that is gym anxiety, a lack of motivation, or the unknown of what goes on behind those swipe-to-enter sliding doors. For me at least, the motivation part of it all was brutal.

The concept of leaving the comfort of my bed, throwing on a gym set, and trekking it across the suburb seemed a tumultuous task, especially at the ungodly hour of 5:30 am. To my surprise, however, and with the guidance of Sydney’s best Pilates instructor, I had, for the first time, successfully landed a weekly Pilates routine.

But just like all good things, this unwavering dedication came to an end as life disturbances crept in. With a schedule booking up faster than my Google calendar could handle, my immaculate three-day a week Pilates routine saw a shift to the back-burner. Noticing my health and wellness on the downfall, I took to the web for a quick motivational fix, and that is when I found the French brand, Withings.

With a line of fitness trackers combining the best of luxury design and clinical precision, I had found the solution for my apathy in a smart watch – the Withings ScanWatch 2. Unlike the standard smart watch, this hybrid piece met each of my criteria, providing accurate measurements, allowing text message notifications, and most importantly appearing as a typical dress watch.

Withings ScanWatch 2 review verdict

  • Our rating: 9 out of 10
  • Why we rated it a 9/10: It integrates all of the necessary fitness tracking measures into one sleek watch face.


  • Industry-leading and medically developed technology
  • Sleep quality scoring system
  • Dress watch with hidden fitness tracking technology
  • Bluetooth connectivity and product pairing


  • Small digital interface
  • Monthly subscription required to access Withings programs

What’s so special about the ScanWatch 2?

The integrated digital interface with industry-leading technology advancements was the main selling point when it came to looking for my next everyday wear smartwatch. Other key features that caught my eye were:

  • 30-day battery life with portable charger
  • Health tracking features – medical grade ECG, blood oxygen level, temperature
  • Activity tracking – steps, active minutes, calories burned, heart rate zones during workout, and GPS connectivity
  • Sleep cycle tracking – duration, interruptions, overnight breathing disturbances, smart wake-up, and sleep heart rate
  • Menstrual cycle tracking – cycle phase and length, period log, symptoms & flow trends, and calories burned
  • Personalised interface; pearl white, sand, black, and blue
  • Water-resistant 5ATM
  • Programs, workouts, and recipes available on Withings+
This Withings ScanWatch 2 has helped to keep track of my progress on the reformer.

ScanWatch 2 materials and size

In terms of technical specifications, Withings have tailored the design and materials of their watches to suit active lifestyles.

  • Dimensions: 38mm or 42mm
  • Weight: 34.6g or 52.6g
  • Screen display: grayscale OLED display
  • Materials: stainless steel case, sapphire glass, and stainless steel crown
  • Sensors: altimeter

How to use the ScanWatch 2

Step one: Set up your watch! This process has been made super simple by the team at Withings. To get things up and running, start by downloading the Withings app and unpack the watch.

Step two: Once you have connected the watch to the app, and have completed the question and answer segment, explore what’s on offer.

Step three: Whether your goal involves becoming stronger, losing weight, or improving your sleep score, you can personalise the features that appear on your watch face to cater to your every need.

Step four: After your watch has had some time to gather your data, the fun begins! Begin exploring how your body has been reacting to exercise, sleep and more!

Step five: Develop a Withings ecosystem. With so many incredible health-tracking products in the range, why not add an additional piece to your daily routine? If you are interested in tracking your body weight, why not try the Withings Body Smart scale.

Side note: if you are looking to advance your health and wellness tracking, the Withings Body Smart Scale is guaranteed to impress. Over the past month, I have used the watch and scale in combination to better understand the impact exercise has on my body. Providing a clear-cut analysis of my fat and muscle percentage, with a grading against those of similar ages to me, I have been able to track the exercises that deliver the greatest results.

The Withings app gives me valuable insights into various metrics, such as sleep quality, daily steps, average heart rate, and more.

Findings from our test

Over the past month, and having tried and tested the ScanWatch 2 in all facets, it is safe to say that my health and wellness have been well and truly reformed. In between work, university, time spent at the gym, and even during my sleep, the ScanWatch 2 has been my right-hand man, providing me with updates, whether that be important text notifications or heart rate discrepancies. Having used the watch at maximum capacity, I was expecting a weekly charge would be appropriate, but to my surprise, and now, a week out of the month, I am yet to plug the watch in for a battery refill. Not only has this impressed me beyond measure, but with an unwavering battery life (of up to 30 days), I have been able to record my night’s rest consistently.

Sleep quality

Interestingly enough, it has been the sleep quality metrics that have offered me with some of the greatest motivation. Prior to owning the ScanWatch 2, my sleep schedule (said generously) looked more similar to that of an afternoon nap, a four or five hour type of rest. Since sleeping with the ScanWatch 2 (which goes surprisingly unnoticed), I now enjoy an average of eight hours with specific thanks to the sleep quality score marked each morning. Rather than waking up to scroll through social media, I find myself on the Withings app assessing my sleep quality, and more specifically my light to deep sleep percentage.

Fitness measurements

This motivation to up the ante in the sleep department has also transgressed into monitoring my daily activity. Striving to reach daily goals as set by Withings plus, in addition to attempting to partake in the activity alerts dispersed throughout the day, I have found my average daily steps to have increased by 45 per cent. Considering a majority of my day is spent behind a laptop, this increase in steps taken has been a major improvement for my wellness. In addition to tracking my total daily steps, the workout recording function has been incremental to my progression on the reformer. Recording my workout through heart rate, body temperature, duration, and calories, I have never been more motivated to improve with each session. Plus, with insight into my muscle and fat mass as shared by the Withings Body Smart Scale, I can monitor the exercises that have the greatest impact, customising my routine to better serve my needs.

The Withings ScanWatch 2 is more than just a fitness tracker. It’s the perfect watch to add to my work outfit, too.

Is the ScanWatch 2 worth it?

If improved sleep alone was a reason to buy the ScanWatch 2 then yes, it is definitely worth it.

Not only does the ScanWatch 2 offer the best of sleep tracking, but the phenomenal 30-day battery life gives you day-in-day-out access to medical-grade health tracking. Plus, if you are anything like me, and motivated by exploring your progress, being able to monitor your metrics on a singular app interface is a game changer. All in all, the ScanWatch 2 is the ultimate fitness tracker for those constantly on the go, and looking to improve daily living.

Where to buy the ScanWatch 2


Withings ScanWatch 2 Hybrid Smartwatch

$449 (usually $599.99) at Amazon

Available in three colour varieties and with metrics made to appear most relevant to you, the ScanWatch 2 is entirely customisable from health and wellness to preference for style.

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