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What to expect with ageing skin

Simple tips to take care of our biggest organ.

As we age our skin changes, becoming thinner and more prone to often preventable skin conditions.  Some, like dry and itchy skin, are easily managed. Others, such as skin tears, need more intensive TLC. The good news is that prevention is your first line of defence. 

Find out how to recognise some of the most common conditions before they start to cause you problems. 

Ageing skin: What to expect

With age comes wisdom, but also various skin changes, such as the skin becoming thinner and losing elasticity, but there are some lifestyle tweaks to start now which will help later. For starters, have warm showers instead of hot showers and keep them short. Surprisingly, skincare products you might have used for years may also start doing more harm than good.

For example, regular soaps can be too harsh on older skin, stripping essential oils and damaging the natural protection layer. Move to a milder formulation. Try MoliCare Skin Wash Lotion, which is a gentle cleansing wash that contains nourishing ingredients. 

Common condition #1: Dry, itchy skin

Noticed your skin getting itchier with each passing birthday? There are two things you need to do as soon as you notice the itchiness. One: don’t scratch. This will make it worse and can lead to infections. Two: Don’t suffer in silence. Start some preventative measures to stop the itch. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and run a humidifier if the air feels particularly dry. You’re also going to need a daily moisturiser that’s gentle on sensitive skin. MoliCare Skin Body Lotion contains ingredients specifically designed to strengthen the skin’s barrier and regeneration function and ease dry, itchy skin.

Common condition #2: Skin tears

If you bumped into something when you were younger you might have got a mild bruise. When your skin starts to get more fragile though, a mild bump or even taking a bandaid off too fast can cause the skin to tear. Obviously being aware of your surroundings and your skin’s sensitivities will help but keeping your skin moisturised and supple can also prevent tears. As well as MoliCare Skin Body Lotion, the MoliCare Skin Hand Cream helps prevent dry skin, thanks to the formulation which is enriched with panthenol and almond oil for long lasting moisture. 

Common condition #3: Incontinence associated dermatitis

It’s a common problem that’s not talked about often. Incontinence is something that can happen to anyone at any stage of life but as you age it can bring with it skin problems, namely incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD). Fragile skin that’s exposed to urine and constant washing can become inflamed, irritated and, in serious cases, infected.

The first thing to do here is keep the area clean. As mentioned, regular soap will likely intensify the problem. Instead use pH balanced soaps and, when you’re away from home, MoliCare Skin Moist Skin Care Tissues, which work without water. Next, give your skin extra protection with a barrier cream like MoliCare Skin Barrier Cream. Barrier creams form a transparent protective film on the skin. 

Where to get more help

Using the right products early will lessen the impact common skin conditions may have on your day-to-day life. Find the right product for you at MoliCare or your local pharmacy. 

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