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Obese coffee addict sheds 51kg by following THIS plan

Tara changed her body and her life

A supersized coffee-lover has dropped her 4,000 calorie per day diet and a staggering 51kg after being warned she could be wheelchair-bound in 10 years.

Tara McGinty, 33, was shocked into action after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis that was being exacerbated by her weight.

She weighed 115kg and was so regularly exhausted she would nap multiple times a day.

The pain she felt from her joints and body left it too painful to even hug her children Marshall and Peyton, now seven and ten, which would lead her to change her life.

best diet plan to lose weight according to coffee addict who lost 51kg
Tara before her transformation (Credit: Caters)

She switched her daily two large coffees and snacks for Isagenix shakes, clean eating and weight loss plans.

Now weighing under 63kg, she was crowned the IsaBody Challenge Runner-Up last month out of 46,600 entrants celebrating her remarkable transformation

Tara, now a personal trainer in the US, said: “After being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis that was my moment, I knew I had to change everything I was doing.

“It affected my joints a lot of the time. My elbows, wrists and everything hurt so bad that I couldn’t walk up and down steps without being miserable.

best diet plan to lose weight according to coffee addict who lost 51kg
Tara suffered from severe arthritis (Credit: Caters)

“It was at the point where even giving my kids a hug would hurt. They would want to cuddle me, but I couldn’t do it because it would physically cause me too much pain.

“The extra weight definitely made it worse, people diagnosed early on with rheumatoid arthritis tend to end up in a wheelchair by the age of 40.

“There was no way I was going to let that happen, it was a driving motivation, I did want to be left in a wheelchair.”

best diet plan to lose weight according to coffee addict who lost 51kg
Tara lost nearly half her body weight (Credit: Caters)

Tara dropped an impressive nine dress sizes and nearly half her body weight – leaving her with less pain and more energy.

She said: “After reaching my target I wanted to get stronger, to make my joints more stable, so that when I’m older I can still do the things I enjoy.

“It was a journey I never could have imagined, I never expected to inspire others.

“Now I’m up, doing my workouts, getting my kids ready for school, participating in their lives and going to their sports events, cooking dinner and I’m not wiped out or overwhelmed.”

Tara used the Isagenix plan to lose weight.

best diet plan to lose weight according to coffee addict who lost 51kg
Now she is more energetic than ever (Credit: Caters)


BREAKFAST – Venti Frappuccino with extra whipped cream and a muffin SNACKS – sugary or salty snacks LUNCH – hot pockets, processed foods or a whole pizza SNACKS – latte with pound cake DINNER – large spaghetti with garlic bread DESSERT – popcorn, chips or more


BREAKFAST – meal replacement protein shake and a Ezekiel bread with jam SNACKS – rice cake with guacamole and tuna LUNCH – meal replacement shake SNACKS – turkey slices with cucumber and carrot slices with hummus DINNER – grilled chicken, string beans and roast potatoes

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