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The Australian Diamonds reveal their workout guide to win the 2023 Netball World Cup

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It’s a proud day to be Australian, with the Diamonds crushing the English Roses in the Netball World Cup final lat night, winning 61 to 45! 

Australia now holds every major title in World Netball, but how do they stay in shape to maintain their worldwide status? Star players Courtney Bruce and Jamie-Lee Price tell all on how you can stay fit in your own home.

WATCH NOW: Netball World Cup Final Highlights – Australian Diamonds Vs England Roses. Article continues after video. 

Courtney Bruce’s (playing Goal Keeper and Goal Defence) one-hour workout is great for those who don’t have hours to spend on a work out. All you need are weights for your home gym!

Courtney Bruce of Australia defend Emma Barrie of Scotland. (Credit: Getty)

She divulged her work out secrets to Origin Diamonds, revealing that: 

  1. In the first ten minutes, she advises to warm-up so you don’t get hurt. (Don’t think about skipping this bit, or you’ll be sent off the court.)
  2. Then she moves into ten minutes of heavy lifting and plyometric exercises to help build her explosiveness around the court.
  3. Followed by ten minutes of trap bar jumps and trap bar squats to improve force production.
  4. You’re almost there, another ten minutes of body weight exercises which involves lots of bounding, box jumps, single leg jumps and hurdle jumps.
  5. Make sure you do ten minutes of medicine ball rotations, bench pulls and resistance band exercises to strengthen core muscles. 
  6. You made it! Finish with a warm-down so your muscles aren’t in shock, just like netball athlete Courtney Bruce would. 

And that’s how you can exercise just like a famous netballer! 

Jamie-Lee Price of Australia VS Scotland day four. (Credit: Getty)

But how can I stay motivated? Don’t worry, Jamie-Lee Price (playing Wing Defence and Centre) understands your pain.

Explaining to Netball Australia her three tricks: 

  1. Get your family involved, kids are a great motivator as they won’t let you get out of it. 
  2. Don’t have weights? Use your own body as weight! Substitute the above exercises with push ups, squats, planks, and mountain climbers for example. Or use heavy stuff lying around your house!
  3. Try your best to get into a routine of doing it as soon as you wake up! So you feel good at the start of the day with the endorphins pumping, plus you don’t have to dread exercise as you already have accomplished your goal.
Australia celebrates winning against England’s Vitality Roses! (Credit: Getty)

We wish the Diamonds all the best in next year’s competitions and we can’t wait to see what exercises they come up with to stay healthy in 2024! 

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