Previous Love Island Australia Winners Are Returning To The Villa in 2022

Another shot at love, but not with each other!
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Two of last year’s Love Island Australia contestants have been given another shot at finding love as they head into the villa for the 2022 season. 

Tina Provis and Mitch Hibberd may have won season 3, set in NSW’s Byron Bay, but the love didn’t last long in the ‘real world’ as the two announced their split in February. 

Now the couple are set to reunite, but without each others knowledge, as they re-enter the popular reality TV show, in a new season with a new setting – this time in Spain. 

Tina and Mitch were ‘coupled up’ on Love Island Australia in 2021 (Credit: Nine)

Speaking to 9Entertainment, the exes spilled on why they decided to give finding love in a reality tv show another shot. 

“It’s going to be chaos. My reason for returning to the Villa is – why not?” said Mitch, who entered the villa last time as a ‘bomb’.

“The first time was such a wild ride, with lots of ups and downs.”

WATCH: Tina and Mitch discuss their relationship. Article continues after video.

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The former AFL player is sure to cause some chaos, saying “I think the girls will be happy to see me, and the boys, not so much!”

Where’s Tina seems to be focused on the ‘love’ part of Love Island, speaking with 9Entertainment about her re-entrance she said, “There was no way I could possibly refuse, and there’s part of me that’s a hopeless romantic that thinks, ‘Maybe it didn’t work out the first time, because I was meant to go a second time?'”.

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There may be some awkwardness between Mitch and Tina when they join the fourth season of the reality show, with Mitch re-uniting with other ex-Islander Emily Ward not long after the two split ways.

The moment the couple won season 3 of Love Island Australia. (Credit: Nine)

For those hoping to see Mitch and Tina reunite, it’s not looking likely as it sounds as Tina is ready to move on from Mitch, saying “After my breakup, I really took a step back from dating… But I feel like I’m now ready to open myself up again, and that is really scary.”

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