Love Island Australia 2022: What we know WON’T be happening this season

Love Island's infamous 'Casa Amor' week is no Amor
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It’s arguably the most drama-filled part of every Love Island season: when the female ‘islanders’ are separated from the male ‘islanders’ and placed in two separate villas. 

But one ‘dumped’ contestant has confirmed viewers worst fears: we won’t be seeing the infamous ‘Casa Amor’ twist in season four of Love Island Australia

WATCH: The Casa Amor promo trailer for Love Island Australia 2021 season (article continues below video)

The introduction of Casa Amor came from the British version of the show, as it sees one gender staying put in the original Love Island villa and the other gender moving into a new slick dwelling called ‘Casa Amor’. 

Once separated from their current ‘love matches’ they are then enticed with new bunch of single and good-looking people to test the connection they have already established with their partner.

Casa amor is Spanish – as the show is filmed in Spain – and translates to ‘love house’ in English. 

It’s an iconic part of the whole Love Island franchise (Credit: ITV)

But whilst embracing the Casa Amor element in previous seasons, the Australian franchise of the show has given it a miss this year, as confirmed by the latest contestant to the leave the villa, bombshell Maddy.  

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The 26-year-old HR advisor exited the show in Thursday’s episode, after having been coupled up with multiple Islanders but finding no real love connection in the villa.

Maddy entered as a bombshell but failed to find love (Credit: Nine)

When Who asked Maddy how she felt about leaving the villa, she didn’t seem to upset. 

I, I wasn’t expecting it. Like I was expecting I was going to have to go at some point. But it’s a shame because I really would have liked to explore that connection with Mitch, bombshell Mitch,” was Maddy’s response. 

But it when it came to accepting her fate, she revealed that she had been told (by producers we assume) that Casa Amor was not happening this season. 

“Once I knew Casa Amor wouldn’t be happening this season, I sort of accepted my fate,” she said. 

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Maddy has confirmed the suspicions of many fans of the show who had already begun to fear that we won’t be seeing the Casa Amor villa this year.

As we are about to head into week seven of this season and with the show due to be wrapping up in the next couple of weeks we should have been seeing the villa swapping happening about now.

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