Here’s how much Home and Away extras are REALLY paid

It’s a tough gig
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They’re the unsung heroes of movies and television, but extras are an incredibly important part of setting a scene. 

Imagine if every time the cast of Friends walked into Central Perk it was just… empty.

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It seems like a dream gig to hang out in the back of a film shoot – but according to one Home and Away extra, it’s tougher than we think.

Extra’s help fill out diner scenes on Home and Away
Extra’s help fill out diner scenes on Home and Away (Credit: Instagram)

Calling into Nova radio’s Fitzy & Wippa, Home and Away extra Sophie said that she was paid roughly $35 an hour for a 10 hour day. It’s higher than Australia’s minimum wage, which is $21.38 an hour, but comes at the cost of your comfort.

“I’m going to be in a bikini for about 10 hours today at Palm Beach in the middle of winter. You laugh now, but been there, done that!” Sophie told the radio hosts.

Since Home and Away films year round, and because Summer Bay doesn’t adhere to normal seasons, the cast has to pretend it’s summer even in the dead of winter.

However, Wippa didn’t seem too concerned telling listeners, “$350 for bikinis, I’d do that for sure.”

It’s always summer in Summer Bay
It’s always summer in Summer Bay (Credit: Instagram)

Most extras are paid according to the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) award agreements. For Australian television productions, extras can expect at least $30.86 an hour for a minimum of four hours of work.

For Australian films and overseas productions filmed in Australia, extras can expect $32.89 an hour – again for a minimum four hours of work.

Pay can also differ depending on where you film. According to a source, extras in Sydney can pick up a few extra dollars over their Melbourne counterparts. Perhaps that’s why Sophie was earning nearly $5 above the minimum wage.

A quick look on shows that agencies are always looking for new extras. So, if you’re looking to earn a little money and don’t mind standing around in a bikini in August, now’s your chance.

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