Home And Away cast celebrate 30 years of the iconic soap

With the BEST throwbacks!

This week, Home & Away celebrated 30 years, and it’s longstanding and original cast members have taken to social media to celebrate the momentous occasion. 

Following Channel Seven’s special segment on Tuesday night, Endless Summer – 30 years of Home And Away, celebs like Kate Ritchie, Lynne McGranger and Esther Anderson took to social media to share a sweet message to the show. 

Kate Ritchie paid tribute to her character Sally Fletcher, with an emotional text from Steve Pennells.

She wrote: ‘Thank you 🙏🏼 to everyone who watched along tonight (and will on the other side of the world soon enough) and bothered to comment so kindly and generously.. You didn’t need to or have to but you did.. And in a world where it seems only the unkind like to comment it was beautifully comforting.

‘Yes, @homeandaway may merely be a television show, but what a lovely chapter of our lives.

‘I’ve heard from so many of you.. For some it provided a family you never had, for others it taught you to speak English when first arriving in this wonderful country of ours and for the rest it perhaps taught you didn’t have to be the prettiest or most popular girl at school to be happy and loved. 

‘Here’s to @homeandaway continuing to go strong – for the actors, the crew and the viewing audiences, young and old.’ 

Georgie Parker wrote: ‘To celebrate 30 years of this show, and the fact that it’s launched so many incredible careers and journeys, we had a surprise visit. Thanks so much Alex and Nicole for dropping by. I’ve worked with Alex on Playschool and met Nic when they were shooting the pilot for Home and Away and I was on A Country Practice, and they are such great people.

‘A great surprise for Ray and the crew too. And a personal shout out to the luminous @justineclarke_who first brought Roo to life and the fans for constantly supporting our show.’

Esther Anderson wrote a touching tribute to Instagram, along with a large gallery of throwback photos.

She gushed: ‘Congrats @homeandaway on 30 wonderful years!!!!! Some of my fondest memories and favourite friendships were made on this show!! What an honour to have been a part of it, cheers to you, all the cast and crew, past and present and all the wonderful fans!!!! Enjoy the celebration.’ 

Dannii Minogue was another who lovingly celebrated the iconic soap opera. 

Posting a hilarious throwback video of a scene from the show, she wrote: ‘Summer Bay >>> service with a smile 😃 #moremilk 🥛’

Dannii posted another video, this time her character strolls the beach in a white bikini. 

Steve Pennells, Channel Seven’s Sunday Night reporter, also took to social media to share some behind-the-scenes snaps while filming the 30th anniversary segment. 

He wrote: ‘Prepare for a beautiful little moment in Australian tv history. I’ve secretly reunited Home and Away’s original golden couple – Nicolle Dickson and Alex Papps – and together we snuck on to the Home and Away set to surprise show legend Ray Meagher.

‘How did he react after all these years? It’s pretty special. Find out tonight when “Endless Summer – 30 Years of Home and Away” airs in Australia and the UK.’ 

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