Inside the glamorous life of I’m A Celeb 2024 winner Skye Wheatley

She first shot to fame on the 2014 season of Big Brother.
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Since appearing on the 2014 season of Big Brother, Skye Wheatley has made her name as one of Australia’s most known fitness and lifestyle influencers.

A decade later, the 30-year-old took on a new challenge as she entered the jungle for the 2024 season of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Australia.

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The mega influencer proved to be a dramatic addition to the camp and quickly became a favourite amongst her fellow celebrity campmates and viewers tuning in from home.

After being crowned Queen of the Jungle, her new flock of fans has grown more invested in Skye’s life both on-screen and off-screen… so we’ve taken a closer look at who Skye Wheatley is outside of the jungle. 

Skye now owns her own activewear brand. (Credit: Instagram)

Why is Skye Wheatley famous?

After finishing in third place on season 11 of Big Brother Australia, Skye quickly gained a following on her social channels. Now having surpassed over 650,000 followers on Instagram and 340,000 on TikTok, Skye is one of Australia’s most influential fitness and lifestyle influencers. 

She has various books containing workouts and recipes and also has her own company Good People Apparel, which she started with influencer Tori de Jong, primarily selling women’s activewear. 

Skye and Lachlan have been together for over six years. (Credit: Instagram)

Who is Skye Wheatley dating?

Skye Wheatley is currently dating 33-year-old businessman Lachlan Waugh. 

The two have been together for over six years, having first got together in October 2017. However, despite appearing as strong as ever, their relationship hasn’t always been smooth sailing…

Skye and Lachlan were in the midst of multiple break-up rumours at the start of 2024; however, it was later revealed that the two managed to work through whatever issues they were having by attending couple’s counselling.

“We trialled co-parenting, so I would have the kids two nights then he would have the kids two nights. After a little bit doing that, [Lachlan] was like, ‘Okay, you can come home now,'” Skye shared to TikTok. 

Since working through their troubles, they now appear together regularly looking very much in love in the various posts on their social media accounts. 

What a gorgeous family! (Credit: Instagram)

How many kids does Skye Wheatley have?

Skye and her long-term partner Lachlan share two children together, Forest Van Waugh and Bear West Waugh. 

The couple welcomed their first child, Forest, on December 24, 2018, before welcoming the youngest son, Bear, three years later on April 23, 2021. Skye regularly posts photos with her kids on her social media platforms.

Scroll on to read our exclusive interview with Skye…

Skye has given every bushtucker trial a red hot go. (Credit: Channel Ten)

What convinced you to go on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here?

No convincing [was] needed! It was for a good cause, for charity.

What is the biggest misconception about you?

That I have no brains and that I’m materialistic but I’m not at all.

Tell us something about yourself that not many people know.

When I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 7 my IQ was 117.

What has been your proudest achievement in life to date?

When my boys show acts of compassion and kindness, it makes me feel that as a mum I’m doing something right!

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