EXCLUSIVE: Brian Austin Green unmasked as Crash Test Dummy on The Masked Singer Australia

This Hollywood hearthrob left us in 'Stitches' with his performance...
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The identity of the Crash Test Dummy was revealed during the season premiere of The Masked Singer Australia 2023.

Performing Stitches by Shawn Mendes, the mysterious man captivated the judges – who were divided as they tried to figure out which celebrity was singing the popular track.

While fans guessed that it was Cody Simpson or Louis Tomlinson, the Crash Test Dummy was eventually revealed to be Brian Austin Green.

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If you’re not up to date on your Hollywood heartthrobs, you might be asking yourself: why does Brian look so familiar?

That’s because he’s been in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Freddie, Anger ManagementWedding Band, and – of course – he plated David Silver in the iconic series Beverly Hills 90210.

The actor also has close ties to Australia, thanks to his partner Sharna Burgess  – who fans would remember from Dancing With The Stars Australia. The duo welcomed a son in June 2022, with Brian also having three children from his previous marriages to Vanessa Marcil and Megan Fox.

This isn’t the first time Brian has appeared on The Masked Singer, previously competing as The Giraffe in the US version.

Speaking with New Idea from his Los Angeles home the morning after his onscreen unmasking, Brian said that he much preferred performing as Crash Test Dummy.

Crash Test Dummy left us in “stitches” with his performance (Credit: Channel 10)

“Crash was great in comparison because it was a much easier costume than the giraffe costume – which was cool looking but to be in that thing was A LOT!” Brian laughs. “It was much more of a whirlwind experience.”

The doting dad of five then revealed why he thinks no one clued on to his appearance on the show.

“We posed the whole thing to the press and the media in Australia that I was out there to visit Sharna and her mum and my son for a family vacation,” he reveals.

“It [the show] is a well-oiled and quick-moving machine. They [the producers] were like ‘We do this entire show in a week and a half.’ There’s no real preparation time. 

“They’re just like ‘We’ll see you tomorrow’ and you just show up. They pick the songs for you, they pick the costumes for you, so it’s all really fast.”

Brian Austin Green on Beverly Hills 90210. (Credit: FOX)

While Brian gave the performance his all, the actor admits that a music career isn’t in his future plans.

“I think that was a ruse,” Brian jokes when he references all the other famous singers the judges guessed to be hiding under the Crash Test Dummy mask. 

“There is no way in hell they heard that and thought ‘That’s a singer under the mask’. I think that was [them] throwing me a bone and saying ‘Hey, you did a really good job.’ Just like when you pat your child on the back for any drawing that they do, whether it is completely s–t or not. It’s a participation award.”

As for who Brian thinks is hiding under the other masks, he doesn’t have a clue!

“They are very top secret the masks, contestants who are on it have no idea who else is on it, we’re not given any hints, we’re not even shown pictures of the costumes,” Brian reveals to us.

“The first time I saw any of those costumes was when I was out onstage and we were doing the elimination. So I had no idea, the only thing that you know when you are there is your world. Your costume, your people, otherwise you are stuck in a trailer waiting until they go ‘come on out, come sing.’”

Brian Austin Green revealed as Crash Test Dummy on The Masked Singer Australia 2023. (Credit: Channel 10)

According to Brian, despite being the first to go, he still feels like he had “won” the season. 

“I did one song, nobody guessed me and I was out….winner! That’s the point of the show, right? To not be guessed?,” Brian laughs. 

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