WATCH the shocking moment Martha pours her wine over Cyrell’s head during the MAFS reunion

"You are as fake as your nose, lip and boob job."
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On Monday night’s upcoming episode of Married At First Sight, Australia will finally view the most anticipated event of the season/year: the reunion.

Each bride and groom entered on the show will return for an explosive dinner party that will see the return of Cyclone Cyrell over a ‘glassing’ incident that has only been rumours up until now.

Channel Nine has released the official promo video for the night, and what viewers see is shocking.

Martha, who is sitting next to close friends Jessika Power and Ines Basic is encouraged to go pour her red wine over Cyrell’s head, which she does.


“I’m gonna pour my drink on her,” Martha says to someone at the table before getting up and walking to Cyrell.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Cyrell is then physically held back by grooms Mike and Sam, as she tries to break free and go after Martha.

martha mafs
(Credit: Channel Nine)

Later in the clip, we see Martha and Cyrell sitting together to have a private conversation.

Cyrell says to her face, “I’m just going to say it now. You are as fake as your nose, lip and boob job.

“It’s a shame you can’t find a plastic surgeon to fix your personality, because that’s what is the fakest the most, honey.”

(Credit: Channel Nine)

The reunion episode airs Monday night.

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