The Rolling Stones are releasing a new album, their first in 18 years

Dubbed 'Hackney Diamonds.'
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Rock band The Rolling Stones are releasing a brand new album, since their last one almost two decades ago!

This will sadly be their first album since their beloved drummer, Charlie Watts, passed away on the 24th of August 2021. 

WATCH NOW: The Rolling Stones – Ride ‘Em On Down. Article continues after video. 

The Rolling Stones’ new album will be called Hackney Diamonds, the first album with original music since A Bigger Bang in 2005. Not to be confused with Blue and Lonesome in 2016 where the band features blues cover songs.

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We even have the first glimpse of a new song called Don’t Get Angry With Me (or Angry.) In true TRS fashion, they played a practical joke by uploading a snippet of the song on their website which resulted in an error message. 

When fans took to social media to work out what was going on, the rock band responded with “Sorry, don’t be angry with me…”

Well played The Rolling Stones, well played.

Can you get past the error page to listen to the 15 second snippet of Angry? (Credit: The Rolling Stones)

This will be The Rolling Stone’s first album with new drummer Steve Jordan, replacing Charlie Watts who has drummed a big part in all their previous albums.

Steve told the Rolling Stones publication, how he “likes creating a groove for Mick to feel comfortable dancing in.”

Honouring the memory of Steve by, “going back to the original stuff on the records. The last time I saw them play, in Chicago (in 2019) I was amazed at how Charlie sounded. He sounded so good,” Vanity Fair.

Steve Jordan drumming at the performs at soundcheck for “The Music Of Paul McCartney. (Credit: Getty)

We will update you when more information is set to come out tomorrow night exclusively on the Rolling Stones YouTube channel, where the Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon will interview Stones stars Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Ron Wood.

The Rolling Stones explained, “Hackney may be at the heart of Hackney Diamonds, but this is a truly global moment we want to share with fans around the world via YouTube.”

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In the meantime, watch the cinematic teaser where Jimmy Fallon listens to the Stones on vinyl when he receives a mysterious call from the Stones’ famous phone… who is on the other end?

You can just hear a band member mumbling through the receiver, teasing the new album livestream event.

WATCH NOW: The Rolling Stones new album Hackney Diamonds teaser. Article continues after video. 

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