The Masked Singer: Did producer give away The Wolf’s identity?

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The Masked Singer premiered on Channel 10 on Monday night, but before the show had even aired, the identity of one of the singers had already been leaked in a huge spoiler. 

Radio producer Leon Sjogren tweeted a photograph of himself and the Wolf, and tagged  the singer’s name in the snap.

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The producer from Fox FM’s Fifi, Fev & Byron show posted the photo to Twitter and tagged Australian actor and singer Rob Mills as the Wolf.

There was no getting away from the blatant spoiler as Leon captioned the Twitter photo: “Me with @RobMillsyMills earlier today. #MaskedSingerAU.”

(Credit: Twitter)

Rob appeared on the first season of Australian Idol, he also played Neighbours‘ former villain Finn Kelly.

And whether or not Leon had guessed his identity, it seemed that viewers of the show agreed the Wolf was Rob, with many taking to Twitter to voice their predictions. 


“Rob Mills is the Wolf – this was his album title,” said one viewer on Twitter. 

“Millsy!! That’s an easy one,” tweeted another.

Even ex Bachelorette Georgia Love played along at home. 

“Oh Millsy, I listened to your CD enough in 2003 to recognise your voice anyway boo #MaskedSingerAU.” she tweeted. 


Viewers were also left puzzled after Monday night’s premiere episode around whether the stars are actually singing live. 

While the official stance from Channel 10 is that the artists behind the costumes are singing live, fans aren’t entirely convinced, and took to Twitter to speak out. 

“So im confused – how is this live?” wrote one user, followed by another, who said, “Hey #MaskedSingerAU, why give mics when they’re masked, they’re surely not singing live then?!”

Masked Singer
(Credit: Channel 10)

Others were more disgruntled at the possibility of The Masked Singer being a farce.

“Everyone knows that no one in singing live on this sh*t right? Literally the worst show on TV,” said one user.

Masked Singer

However, judge Jackie O Henderson is adamant that they are singing live.

“I’ve seen a set malfunction happen and something fell on one of the singers and the singing stopped straight away,” Jackie told The Advertiser. “They are singing live – 100 per cent fact.”

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