The Block’s Dylan and Jenny prepare for their other big day

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Renovating a home with your significant other can be trying at the best of times. 

For Blockheads and engaged couple, Jenny and Dylan, they’re having to do it while battling horrendous weather conditions that has seen this season of The Block dubbed “the toughest ever”.

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So it would be completely understandable if the pair postponed their big day to catch their breath after all the stress. But on the contrary, Jenny confirms she and Dylan are more in love than ever – and pushing full steam ahead with their nuptials! 

“We did it! We survived and always had each other’s back,” Jenny tells New Idea, as she exclusively invites us to join her dress shopping at Rosa & Mary’s Bridal Gowns near their home on the Gold Coast. 

“After this I know there is nothing that Dylan and I can’t get through,” she adds.

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When the pair tie the knot in a beach-view ceremony next March, it’s hardly going to be  a small and intimate affair. 

“Jenny has 10 bridesmaids and I have nine groomsmen,” Dylan explains. 

Jenny, a triplet whose siblings are among the party, adds with a laugh, “It’s been a nightmare trying to get 10 girls to agree on a bridesmaid dress.” 

At the top of their guest list are fellow Blockheads, Tom and Sarah-Jane, who Dylan and Jenny admit they’d like to see win the prize money if they can’t take it home themselves.

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“They were the pair who were most like us, who just got on with the job and worked hard without complaint and did great work,” Dylan reveals, adding the four of them became “great mates”.

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Host Scotty Cam is also high on the list. 

“I couldn’t wait to meet him after growing up watching him. Now I can’t believe we’re mates,” Dylan exclaims. “Scotty’s a legend – I love him.”

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After their big day, Jenny and Dylan are looking forward to some rest. They have plans for a short trip somewhere tropical, before heading over to enjoy the European summer. Then their thoughts are turning closer to home.

“We want to start trying for a family next year,” says Jenny. “I’m so excited for the next chapter.”

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