Fans slam The Block’s ‘hypocritical’ anti-bullying message

“Pot calling the kettle…”
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Fans of The Block are fuming after the show posted a message to social media urging fans to respect the contestants. The short message, shared across all social media platforms, asked fans to “support each other”. 

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“We are all part of The Block family and we need to support each other,” the message read.

“Comments are welcome but personal attacks, negativity, racial abuse and trolling will not be tolerated.

“Report abusive, harmful or racist content using the platform’s support tools.”

The Block posted an anti-bullying message
The Block posted an anti-bullying message (Credit: Twitter)

The statement was likely a response to the vile racist messages contestants Sharon and Ankur have received on Instagram. But many fans pointed out the show incites hate by editing contestants to be ‘villains’.

“You manufactured this drama just to boost your ratings. You’re the only one to blame,” one fan wrote in response

“I’m afraid your show, producers, judges, even Scotty (sadly) incite many of these responses. You look for, focus on and encourage divisiveness, drama and unnecessary conflict,” replied another.

Fans feel the show is to blame for the bullying
Fans feel the show is to blame for the bullying (Credit: Nine)

Scotty in particular has drawn the ire of fans after he blasted Sharon and Ankur last week.

“Hope that’s a message you’ve passed on to your host. The cruelty of the way he spoke to and about Sharon and Ankur the other night is the reason I didn’t watch tonight, and have absolutely no plans to watch again,” said a fan on Twitter.

“Yet you keep a host who is a bully, what hypocrites you are, The Block,” said another.

Others kept it simple, just responding with, “yeah Scotty.”

Some felt it was hypocritical
Some felt it was hypocritical (Credit: Twitter)

The racist elements in The Block have been a particular cause for alarm among fans this season. Beyond the attacks against Sharon and Ankur, fans have noticed a other instances when the show was culturally ‘tone deaf’. 

Producers were slammed after they held a challenge involving wine tasting despite having two Muslim contestants

“Genuinely Omar and Oz just… can’t compete? That’s f–ked. Organise a different challenge,” fumed one fan at the time.

Just last week the show came under fire again for hosting a “pretty racist” Mexican party.

The Mexican party made fans ‘uncomfortable’
The Mexican party made fans ‘uncomfortable’ (Credit: Nine)

“So that Mexican segment was pretty racist, right?” asked a fan on social media.

“It kept getting worse. Just when you thought it was racist enough the eyebrows pop up on screen,” another added.

On Twitter many fans would just like to see the show return to its original roots and focus on renovation, rather than the interpersonal drama.

“Don’t edit for drama, don’t create villains each year. Make it more about the work. You create these situations,” a fan said.

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