Ankur and Sharon LEAVE The Block after Scott Cam blows up them

“No one’s forcing you to be here”
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The Block host Scott Cam has taken aim at Sharon and Ankur over rumours that they’re making “people” unhappy.

Despite being unable to name those people, Scotty continued to berate the pair, while Sharon desperately tried to explain their point of view.

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“There’s people around you that aren’t happy. Tradesmen,” he fumed.

“You made the comment, Ankur, to Sharon, ‘Don’t worry Sharon… seven more weeks of this nonsense and we can get out of this hellhole’.”

“No one’s keeping you here.”

Sharon and Ankur
Sharon and Ankur butted heads with Scott (Credit: Nine)

But Sharon fired back at Scott, attempting to explain that they had worked through the issues with their tradies already.

As for the language they use with each other, Sharon said that’s how they communicate and they shouldn’t be judged by people that don’t know them.

“I don’t want to quit. [Ankur] doesn’t want to quit. We want to be here but we’ve come across some really difficult challenges that we’re trying to navigate,” she said.

“I’m not being disrespectful to you guys, but like there’s a lot of defensiveness about us feeling the way that we feel and [everyone] wishes us to be so damn grateful. We are grateful to be here but it is really hard and I think we’re allowed to say that it’s really hard.”

But Scott wasn’t not listening, returning to his point about the disgruntled tradies.

Sharon talking to the site manager
Scott said their trades people are unhappy (Credit: Nine)

“You saying tradesmen have been unhappy when we’re trying to work through that, right. Like we’ve had those uncomfortable, honest conversations with them also. And so we thought we’re on the other side of that,” Sharon explained.

Scott cut her off to ask about a moment when Ankur was resting while their tradies struggled with a heavy mirror TV.

Sharon told Scott it was because Ankur had been working through the night and needed a quick nap. Ankur also agreed he owned up to his mistake then and didn’t understand why it was being brought up again. 

“It’s an unrealistic expectation of a human being to be working 48, whatever it was, it was 72 hours, Sharon said, “Liam [one of their tradies] works hard too but he goes home, we’re still here doing stuff.”

Still angry, Scott told them they needed an attitude change and that they should regroup when their minds are in the right place. Then he stormed out of the house leaving an awkward Shelly to trail behind him.

Sharon and Ankur – perhaps justifiably – were upset and felt they were being attacked for issues they’ve already resolved. The confrontation culminated with the couple driving off the site in their car.

Sharon and Ankur in their Master Bedroom
Sharon and Ankur have been delivering some stunning rooms (Credit: Nine)

Thankfully they did have people in their corner. Their chippie, Scottie, tried to reason with Scott Cam on their behalf.

“We have to give them some slack. Like he’s an accountant and she’s an actress… they’re not used to tradie workloads,” he said. Though he did acknowledge the pair had dropped the ball on occasions. 

Despite not returning that evening, Shelly asked the other contestants at dinner to be there for Sharon and Ankur and give them the support they need right now.

This argument is probably not what the show needs right now as it grapples with accusations of racism. Sharon and Ankur themselves have received vile racist messages, and attacks like the one by Scott are unlikely to stem the unfair flow of hatred they’re receiving. 

Here’s hoping they’ll return to The Block so they can deliver another stunning bedroom.

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