The Block’s Ankur and Sharon inundated with racists messages

Some ‘fans’ are horrible.
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WARNING: This article discusses racism and racist language.

The Block’s Ankur and Sharon have shared vile and racist threats they’ve received from trolls in the wake of the controversial “cheating” scandal.

The couple came under fire during a challenge which saw the teams recreate a wine from Levantine Hill winery by tasting and mixing several wines together.

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Sharon and Ankur won $50,000 of wine to increase the value of their home after they ‘cheated’ and Googled the tasting notes.

Ankur and Sharon denied they cheated, arguing there were no rules saying they couldn’t look the wine up online. But on the day of the challenge, the couple were caught repeatedly lying to the other couples.

The scandal caused uproar among The Block viewers, their fellow contestants and host Scott Cam.

The couple came under fire for ‘cheating’ during a challenge. (Credit: Nine)

On Wednesday night, following days of intense backlash, Sharon took to her Instagram to share screenshots of the vile, derogatory threats she and Ankur have received on social media.

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“You filthy cheating Indian c**t. Get out of our f**king country. Deny all you f**king like, we all seen [sic] you search it on your f**king phones. F**king cheats, that’s all you two dogs are,” one disgusting Instagram DM read.

“F**k off back to your own f**king country you scrubber b**ch! Your day is coming.

Another racist message from a different troll read, “You probably should have stuck to cooking curry in the kitchen!”

Racist messages
Sharon shared these messages she received from a vile troll. (Credit: Instagram)

Speaking to TV WEEK in the wake of the cheating scandal, Sharon and Ankur remained confident that what they did wasn’t cheating.

“We weren’t telling the other contestants we Googled it, because – as has been made clear by all the contestants – it’s a competition and it was time for us to finally get competitive too,” Sharon said.

“We knew the wine well and have been presented it many times. We knew it wasn’t cheating, because it wasn’t against the rules to search it.”

According to Sharon and Ankur, they eventually told the teams they had the tasting notes and the others agreed it wasn’t cheating.

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The article originally appeared on our sister site, Now To Love.

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