The Block’s messy new cheating scandal explained

Did Ankur and Sharon cheat?
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Blockheads are in a right tizzy at the moment after one couple allegedly cheated during last night’s challenge. 

If you’re out of the loop, or you only watch The Block for the room reveals, here’s your quick explainer.

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What happened?

In last night’s episode the teams were whisked off for an incredible helicopter flight over their properties. For the couples, it’s a chance to see how much they’ve achieved since arriving nearly five weeks ago.

The trip leaves the teams in high spirits which is only encouraged as they land at the luxurious Levantine Hill estate in the Yarra Valley. 

Of course, a trip to the winery isn’t free. This isn’t a day of wine tasting, it’s another challenge for our couples. And the prize? $50,000 worth of wine. 

Hosts Scott Cam and Shelley Craft tell the teams they must recreate Levantine Hill’s 2015 Samantha’s Paddock Wine. 

The Block teams
The challenge was at Levantine Hill winery (Credit: Nine)

As Scotty explains, most reds are a blend of different grapes and each team is given a selection of these grapes to mix together the best they can. 

Most teams start by tasting and smelling the wine to get an idea of the blend but Ankur and Sharon have other ideas.

The two head straight to Google to find the tasting notes for the 2015 Samantha’s Paddock Wine which gave them the percentages they needed to recreate the blend almost exactly.

With some quick maths the couple figure out how to create their wine and finish up in nine minutes, almost a full hour ahead of the other teams. This left a sour taste in the mouths of everyone else.

When it comes to the judging it takes Levantine Hill’s chief winemaker barely a second to choose Ankur and Sharon’s wine as the winner.

Ankur and Sharon used Google during the challenge (Credit: Nine)

So did they cheat?

After the challenge Scott asks them what their winning technique was but rather than admitting they used Google the pair says they just know the wine really well. The other teams didn’t buy their reasoning. 

“After the challenge, the thoughts were that Shaz and Anks obviously had to Google the recipe,” Ryan said..

Omar spurs on these allegations after chatting to the winemaker. 

“Apparently, Anks’ [wine] was almost identical,” he told the other teams. However, Sharon and Ankur are confident that what they did wasn’t cheating. 

Scott is set to confront the pair tonight (Credit: Nine)

“We weren’t telling the other contestants we Googled it, because – as has been made clear by all the contestants – it’s a competition and it was time for us to finally get competitive too,” Sharon told TV WEEK.

“We knew the wine well and have been presented it many times. We knew it wasn’t cheating, because it wasn’t against the rules to search it.”

According to Sharon and Ankur, they eventually told the teams they had the tasting notes and the others agreed it wasn’t cheating.

Scott and Shelly are due to meet up with Ankur and Sharon tonight so we’ll find out what our hosts think of the whole thing then.

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