The Bachelor Matt Agnew reveals how many women he’s slept with

Do we believe that number?
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The Bachelor’s Matt Agnew is currently on the PR radio circuit and there have been some…well…interesting revelations. 

WATCH: The Bachelor Matt Agnew reveals how many women he has slept with

Appearing on KIIS FM this morning, Matt was asked by shock jock Kyle Sandilands how the astrophysicist goes about forming a physical connection with the 20 odd different women on the show. 

“I developed some kind of connection with all the women I had opportunity to meet,” Matt revealed. 

After a Channel Ten promo showed Matt kissing a whopping 17 WOMEN during his time on the show, the Bachelor spoke candidly about his intentions. 

“I’m not there to put boots on caterpillars. I’m there to find love, and the emotional connection is important but the physical connection is really important.”

WATCH KISS COUNT: The Bachelor’s Matt Agnew smooches 17 girls in new promo!

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While Matt looks like he’s a very practised kisser, the brainy Bachie revealed to Kyle and Jackie O that he has only slept with seven women. 

“How many women do you think you slept with in your entire life?”, Kyle Sandilands asked. 

“Funnily enough this is a question on the application form,” Matt revealed, “I’m not sure what the desired answer is either… Rough number… 7. I’m going to stick with that.”

(Credit: Instagram)

Saying what we’re all thinking Kyle replies in mild shock, “That’s a very little number.”

Matt, ever the gentleman, insists: “It’s large enough for me Kyle.”

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