Terri Irwin tells Robert: ‘Not under my roof!’

Terri Irwin isn’t just the boss at Australia Zoo – she’s known for putting her foot down at home too!
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With Robert, 19, showing off his new girlfriend, Rorie Buckey, during his recent birthday celebrations, his mother has made a point of ensuring they know to keep things PG.

The young lovebirds were spotted enjoying The Zoo’s crocodile show, as Terri kept a close eye on them.

“You could tell Terri was making sure there was no canoodling under her roof!” an onlooker tells New Idea.

“She sat between them whenever she could, it was quite funny,” the witness adds. 

The Wildlife Warrior has been seeing 18-year-old Perth-based Rorie, who is the niece of late actor Heath Ledger, since at least last month. New Idea exclusively revealed the romance. 

“Terri is really happy for Robert, and she likes Rorie, but she’s urging him to take it slow for both their sakes,” says a source.

“Terri knows all too well what it’s like to be in a relationship in the public eye. She wants to make sure they’re ready.”

Robert Irwin and Terri Irwin
Robert Irwin and his mum Terri Irwin (Credit: Getty)

While Terri, 58, might be erring on the side of caution, Rorie’s father is all for the match.  

“Of course, absolutely,” businessman Nathan Buckey said last week when asked if he approved of his daughter’s relationship with Robert.

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