Sophie Monk makes her own hilarious version of Miley Cyrus’ Flowers

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Sophie Monk took to Instagram and posted an ‘iconic’ video of herself copying Miley Cyrus from her new smash-hit video, Flowers. 

Monk is wearing a gold ‘table runner’ and ‘wrapping paper’ around her body with her stomach on show, and we must say, she does look fantastic! 

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She captioned the post, “I can buy myself flowers Josh! 🤪 Dressed by: table runner and wrapping paper.🎥: @joshuargross”

Fans flooded the comment section with people calling the look ‘stunning’ and ‘iconic’. 

One person commented, “Omg too funny! You did that so well…lol”.

Another commented, “Your humour is NEVER wasted Sophie!! One in a million you are”. 

A third chimed in, “Ok but can we please talk about how you pulled off that table runner and wrapping paper”.

Sophie Monk took to Instagram and posted an ‘iconic’ video of herself copying Miley Cyrus in her latest video Flowers. (Credit: Instagram)

In March 2022, Sophie and Joshua tied the knot in an intimate at-home ceremony, and they invited Stellar Magazine to capture their monumental day.

The bride revealed to the publication, “We always thought we’d elope. So many people said to me, ‘I didn’t even see my husband on the night; if I had my wedding over, we’d just elope’.

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“So we thought, well, why don’t we just get married at home? I’ve seen people get really stressed about their wedding, and ours has been so stress-free.

The couple were the only people who attended their at-home dinner before saying their vows, and Sophie admitted it made sense to them.

“I’m 42, so I feel like (our loved ones) are like, OK, do it your way. We figured if we don’t invite one person, then no-one could get upset.”

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