Prince Harry left “irritated” after tension with Meghan Markle

“Harry was not happy!"
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It was meant to be the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s big return to the spotlight. Prince Harry had just announced his new Netflix documentary about his favourite sport, polo, and Meghan donned a chic ensemble for the occasion, knowing all eyes – not to mention his crew’s cameras – would be firmly trained on them.

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Unfortunately for the couple, those very same cameras would capture an awkward moment as they took to the Florida playing field on April 12.

Witnesses say Harry, 39, was left “irritated” after what appeared to be some tension with his wife. Meghan, 42, was filmed enthusiastically hugging a handsome polo player without her husband by her side.

Witnesses say Harry, 39, was left “irritated” after what appeared to be some tension with his wife. (Credit: Backgrid)

Going by photos from the event, it looks like Harry may have instructed the crew to film it again, so that he could be in the footage.

“Harry was not happy about being left out,” says a source. “I don’t know what he expected – he has married an actress, after all!”

Harry and Meghan were later seen walking off together, with the duchess speaking animatedly.

“Harry had a face of thunder,” claims the witness. “Meghan was definitely in trouble!”

This comes after the Sussexes last week revealed a slate of projects, including the polo documentary and a cooking show for Meghan, which has reportedly commenced filming.

“Harry had a face of thunder,” claims the witness. (Credit: Backgrid)

“They’re both competitive by nature and may see their projects being compared,” says a Hollywood insider.

“Meghan is comparatively seasoned and it’s expected her production will be slick. Cooking is a proven formula for streaming services, so it should do well.

“Harry is under more pressure – polo is arguably not a sport that features in most people’s lives given it’s mostly played by incredibly rich people. He has a lot of say over how it’s going to look, and given his lack of experience behind the camera, he is bound to be nervous.”

A separate royal source adds, “Harry’s anxiety about his production won’t be helped by Meghan jumping into scenes, which might explain the obvious tension between them in Florida.”

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