Nicole Kidman: ‘How I got my best body at 52!’

The Aussie star reveals the secret to her new look
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As Nicole Kidman stepped out in her blue bikini at a Sydney beach while holidaying Down Under with her family, onlookers couldn’t help but notice her amazing physique.

Frolicking in the ocean at Whale Beach with her country music star husband, Keith Urban, the actress looked happy and carefree, as she showed of her best body at 52!

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And the secret to her enviable figure? No dieting!

“I’m actually not that strict with my diet,” Nicole previously told the Los Angeles Times. “I pretty much eat anything, but all in moderation.”

“It’s walking a path that’s ultimately 80 per cent healthy, 20 per cent … sometimes it falls to 70,” Nicole also admitted to Women’s Health magazine.

“But that’s why I think you have things like natural health remedies – you find out what works for you. And I do a lot and I have a lot of energy.”

(Credit: Matrix)

While in Sydney, as well as hitting the beach, Nicole is said to enjoy Australian seafood. The Bombshell star recently told Food & Wine magazine her favourite dish is a “fresh seafood platter with Sydney rock oysters, tiger prawns, mud crab and lobster.”

The glamorous mother of four has admitted that while she loves to eat, she’s not so great in the kitchen but she still puts on her apron every now and then for her superstar hubby.

“I am a terrible cook. I cook chicken for Keith, and it’s always dry,” she told People.

“I’m a much better person to cook for because I love food and I will eat almost anything.”

Nicole has also shared the secret to still having glowing youthful skin at 52, revealing to Women’s Health she wears SPF 100 sunscreen every day.

“I reapply every 90 minutes, every single day,” she revealed.

And as for workouts, the Big Little Lies actress likes to run and do a little yoga and the odd spin class.

(Credit: Matrix)
(Credit: Matrix)

“In Sydney you’ve got the beach, which is absolutely beautiful to run on,” she told Women’s Health. Nicole also told the LA Times: “I try to get everyone to spin.”

Nicole also said that she does regular sit-ups to maintain her toned stomach and rock-hard abs.

“I do sit-ups,” she told Extra. “Not a lot, but I do sit-ups … I love to swim and run. I actually love sports.”

Health and fitness aside, the famous couple recently posted updates from their holiday to their Instagram pages, with Nicole saying she had “the best Christmas”. The family also celebrated their youngest daughter Faith’s 9th birthday.

Sharing a picture of her cake, Nicole captioned the post: “Our baby girl is now 9! We love you so much precious precious girl. Happy birthday Faith!”

Before heading to Sydney, Nicole was busy filming her latest movie The Prom in Los Angeles. But despite her packed schedule, it appears the Aussie favourite still makes time to keep her figure fab in her 50s!

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