Miriam Margoyles reveals ‘grubby’ encounter with A-list celeb

“I thought he was full of himself”
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Miriam Margoyles revealed a shocking celebrity encounter on air this morning on The Kyle & Jackie O Show

Watch Below: Miriam Margolyes gets quizzed on Aussie slang.

The 81-year-old actress joined the show via Zoom from England to promote her upcoming ABC show Australia Unmasked, but Kyle and Jackie O wanted to get more details on a celebrity encounter Miriam had written about in her 2021 memoir. 

The radio presenters were fascinated by Miriam’s experience with Arnold Schwarzenegger who she sensationally claimed deliberately farted in her face during the filming of the 1999 film End of Days

Arnold and Miriam
“No I didn’t enjoy it at all, I thought he was full of himself and a groper.” (Credit: Getty)

When asked by Jackie O if it smelt bad, Miriam explained that “the actual odour has dissipated over the years…I truly cannot remember.”

“But I didn’t like it, I know that.”

When asked by Kyle if she enjoyed her experience on set with Arnold, Miriam doubled down on her dislike of the actor. 

“No I didn’t enjoy it at all, I thought he was full of himself and a groper,” she exclaimed. 

“He wasn’t groping me thankfully, but anybody else that was young and pretty, he felt they were fair game. That was what he was like back then,” she alleged.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Miriam and Arnold worked together on the 1999 film End of Days. (Credit: Getty)

This wasn’t the first time Miriam has revealed her discontent with Arnold, in a 2016 interview with the Guardian she called him a “pig of a man,” claiming that “although he didn’t fancy me, he was awfully gropey with women.”

She has also recently told the gross anecdote on the I’ve Got News for You podcast, explaining that “he was actually quite rude.” 

“He did it deliberately…I haven’t forgiven him for it.”

Miriam MArgolyes
“I haven’t forgiven him for it.” (Credit: Getty)

Miriam is returning to screens with Australia Unmasked, which sees her rediscover Australia to find out what the Fair Go ethos means today.

Speaking with New Idea she explained, “I think sometimes Australians don’t investigate their own country and their own attitudes enough. I like to mine into things and that’s what I was trying to do.”

“To see, when I ask the question about whether the ‘Fair Go’ ethos still exists, what people say and how they react. It was very interesting.”

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