MAFS fans SLAM Bryce and Sam for dinner party drama

"10,000 people applied and they chose Sam & Bryce?"
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Another year of Married At First Sight, another drink getting thrown in someone’s face. But reality TV fans are far from entertained by Bryce and Sam’s behaviour and have slammed the controversial grooms.

WATCH BELOW: MAFS’ Bryce throws a glass of water in Sam’s face

On Wednesday night, the couple clashed after Bryce called out Sam for disrespecting women.

“It’s about standing up for what’s right and if he’s going to disrespect women then hey, look what’s coming your way,” the radio announcer stated ahead of the dinner party.

Bryce also took issue with a comment Sam made at the bucks’ night as well when Sam remarked “You’re pretty nervous aren’t you?”

“I think when you meet someone for the first time I think there’s things that you do say and you don’t. He’s just blatantly rude, he’s an arrogant p***k, he just has no respect for anyone else even his partner.”

Tensions rose at the dinner party and eventually culminated in Bryce throwing a glass of water into Sam’s face before storming off and labelling the clothing designer “an embarrassment.”

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a drink throwing. (Credit: Nine)

Bryce’s action marked the third time in MAFS history that a drink has been thrown in someone’s face.

The first incident occurred at the final season six dinner party when Martha Kalifatidis tipped a glass of red wine over fellow bride Cyrell Paule’s head whilst Cyrell was the thrower on the second occasion – at the MAFS grand reunion dinner party earlier this year, Jessika Power copped a glass of white wine to the face.

Needless to say, fans weren’t impressed by Bryce’s actions.

The least Bryce could have done was throw the red wine and at least make this interesting. Ooo the drama, someone’s tossed a glass of water,” one remarked on Twitter.

Fans slammed both men for their hypocrisy over the way they treat women as well.

“Bryce: ‘I don’t like the way Sam treats women’ Also Bryce: ‘Yeah, nah, your eyes are too not-blue for you to be hot’ Also Bryce: puffs chest, talks about thunder storms, has to be warned not to jump tables. I mean, mate…” remarked one person on Twitter.

“10,000 people applied and they chose Sam & Bryce?” another lamented.

However, there are no regrets about drink throwing from Bryce’s end.

In a chat with WHOhe stated: “If I had my chance again, I’d throw the whole jug of water over him.

”The guy’s only there for his 15 seconds of fame and he was provoking me for airtime. I think he worked out that he and Coco weren’t likely to last, so he had to make sure he made his mark.”

Battle of the grooms! (Credit: Nine)

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