Why Home and Away fans will NEVER forgive Luke Jacobz

“People like hating Angelo!"
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While many Home and Away fans were thrilled to see the return of Angelo Rosetta earlier this year, not everyone has been as pleased about the situation.

WATCH: Home and Away’s Angelo returns

Yep, some die-hard fans still recall the unsavoury way the Summer Bay was written out – fleeing town after killing fan favourite Jack (Paul O’Brien) – and they aren’t letting Luke Jacobz, the actor behind the character forget it.

“People like hating Angelo. He wasn’t the most popular character and that’s fine because of the history of the show and all the people that he upset,” he told Digital Spy.

“I think the majority of the responses have been positive, but then I’ve also had some people going: ‘Why are you back in the Bay, you shouldn’t be there! You killed Jack!'”

Home and Away Angelo
Luke Jacobz admits not everyone was please about his character Angelo Rosetta returning to the show. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Luke added that he isn’t letting the haters faze him and is taking the criticism in his stride.

“There’s been a mixture [of responses], but I love those kinds of responses, I think they’re great!” he continued.

“You can’t have a show where you love everyone. There’s got to be someone you don’t like, and I know that there are fans out there that aren’t going to like Angelo being back again – he’s a bit mean!”

Luke Jacobz Paul O'Brien
During his last stint in Summer Bay, Angelo was responsible for Jack Holden’s death (pictured). (Credit: Channel Seven)

Luke previously told New Idea he was stoked about getting a second crack at playing Angelo – nearly 10 years after the last time he was in the role.

“When I got the phone call to say they were thinking about bringing Angelo back, my heart just raced,” said Luke, who has since hosted hit shows such as The X Factor, and competed in I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!.

“I thought, ‘You have got to be kidding! This is so great!,’ I was really blessed to be asked and I’m definitely not taking it for granted.”

Luke Jacobz Ray Meagher
Luke pictured with Summer Bay stalwart Ray Meagher. (Credit: Channel Seven)

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