Luke Jacobz: ‘My BIG news!’

"That’s the only thing I care about at the moment.”
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It’s been nearly 10 busy years since he was last in our favourite seaside town, but Luke Jacobz didn’t hesitate when asked to head back to Summer Bay.

WATCH: Angelo returns to Home And Away

“When I got the phone call to say they were thinking about bringing Angelo back, my heart just raced,” says Luke, who has since hosted hit shows such as The X Factor, and competed in I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!.

“I thought, ‘You have got to be kidding! This is so great!,’” he adds. “I was really blessed to be asked and I’m definitely not taking it for granted.”

Angelo is back in Summer Bay. (Credit: Channel Seven)

While Luke hints that intense drama is brewing in Angelo’s world, when it comes to his own personal life, the actor is madly in love.

Engaged to his American partner Raychel, the 39-year-old lights up when talking about his soulmate.

If only, he says, they could somehow see each other in person during this time of global lockdown!

“Raychel’s from LA and is still living there at the moment,” he says. “We met a few years ago in LA and started dating when I was moving back to Sydney.

“We agreed we’d do the long-distance thing and everything was fine because I was still going back and forth quite a bit. We got engaged in November, 2018.”

Luke proposed to Raychel in November 2018. (Credit: Instagram)

Having planned to exchange vows in California this November, the couple were forced to put their big day on hold when COVID-19 hit.

“But I’m going to marry her, whether it’s on the date we were looking at or a year later. It’s hard, though, not knowing when we’ll see each other again.

“At the moment, I’m just going to try to get Raychel out here. Even if we can’t get married straight away, at least we’d be together. That’s the only thing I care about at the moment.”

COVID has made long-distance even harder for the couple. (Credit: Instagram)

In the meantime, the couple have been making do with virtual dates.

“We FaceTime,” he says. “We had a dinner date the other night. I put on a suit and we had candles and made tacos.

“We try to keep it romantic so that she doesn’t forget about me! And she’s very, very excited to watch Home and Away.”

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