Larry Emdur revisits his “discombobulating” time hosting Hey Hey It’s Saturday

"Live and very dangerous, No scripts, no safety nets, no idea what was going to happen next."
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He may captain The Morning Show alongside Kylie Gillies, but did you know that Larry Emdur made a cameo on popular variety show, Hey Hey It’s Saturday?

In honour of the show’s 50th birthday, the presenter has revisited his “outrageous” and “thrilling” time in the Hey Hey studio.

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Taking to Instagram on Sunday, Larry shared a throwback shot of his time hosting the show. He wore a green and white, buttoned up, collared shirt and stood alongside Ossie Ostrich. Larry cites these four episodes “an absolute highlight” of his career.

“An absolute highlight of my 40 years in TV , getting to host 4 episodes of the iconically ironically ridiculous and outrageously silly Hey Hey It’s Saturday,” he wrote.

“I grew up watching it with my family then when I was a bit older I would watch it before going out on a Saturday night. It was compulsory viewing for much of my life. Then in the mid-90’s Daryl invited me to host it, I was so honoured and so petrified.”

Larry Emdur hosted four episodes of Hey Hey It’s Saturday back in the mid 90s. (Credit: Instagram | Nine Network)

The Channel Seven presenter went on to describe the experience as “discombobulating”, “out of control” and “thrilling”.

“Live and very dangerous, No scripts, no safety nets, no idea what was going to happen next ..It was like Cirque du Soleil and The Squid Game we’re having a party in your head as you tried to work out what the frig was going on,” he wrote.

“I got dry humped by Plucka Duck, bitten on the bum by Dickie Knee, played some of the dumbest TV games ever invented, interviewed some huge stars and loved every single stoooopid second of it.”

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The post was soon flooded by support, both by those who remembered the period fondly and those too young to recognise half the words in Larry’s caption.

Falling into the latter camp was Pack To The Rafters star Hugh Sheridan, who commented: “I was too young. What ever happened to Red?”

Larry’s co-host Kylie Gillies also sent her love, writing: “💞💞💞.”

House Rules presenter Jamie Durie even shared his nostalgic thoughts about Hey Hey, penning: “Love this historic Aussie tv heritage! Bring it ! Jd x.”

Hey Hey has been under fire recently for its past treatment of Kamahl. (Credit: Nine Network)

Hey Hey has recently been under fire after former guest star and musician Kamahl admitted he was “humiliated” by some of the skits on the show, which showcased the stars in blackface and making racist comments.  

One of the most controversial resurfaced clips showed Kamahl being hit in the face with white powder, prompting Daryl Somers’ off-screen partner John Blackman to say “You’re a real white man, Kamahl”.

“If they could insult me or humiliate me, they did it,” Kamahl recently told New Idea. “The white powder incident was the most humiliating. That was just the pits. I went along with it because I didn’t want to be seen as a prude. But I had friends in America at the time who couldn’t believe how disrespectful they were.”

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