What cooking in Jules Sebastian’s family home really looks like

Plus, she shares her go-to meals and tips.
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She’s often sharing fun, easy and delicious recipes for her followers to try at home, and Jules Sebastian has now shared an insight into what cooking in her own home looks like.

WATCH BELOW: Jules Sebastian shows how to easily make a banana sushi

A quick scroll through Jules’ Instagram and you’ll find plenty of colourful posts featuring all the recipes and dishes that she’s found and tried herself.

With all the different hacks and trends she’d tried with food, it can be hard to pick just one as a favourite, but in an exclusive chat with New Idea, Jules tells us which one she enjoyed making – and eating – the most.

jules sebastian kitchen food
The mum-of-two is well-known for her amazing food hacks. (Credit: Instagram)

“I would say perhaps the Sweet Banana Sushi – that was absolutely delicious!” she admits. The recipe, which she found on TikTok, involves just a few easy steps, which you can find here.

As for some of the best food hacks she’s come across and adapted into her kitchen, Jules says it’s the slow cooker that gets a real “work-out” in her house.

“It’s such a winner – while the kids are eating breakfast, I’m already preparing dinner, and then I don’t have to think about it all day,” she says.

“Also, making bulk meals helps – freezing food you can heat up later (like lasagne). I’m also into making a healthy frittata, so I can just grab it in the morning from the fridge for a quick and yummy breakfast.”

jules sebastian
Jules gets the most use of her slow cooker in the kitchen. (Credit: Instagram)

Some of her go-to dishes for the family also involve the slow cooker, and they love those meals just as much as she does – if not more.

“Slow cooked lamb and slow cooked lasagne are massive hits in our house!!” she says. “Slow cooked tacos are great too.”

Jules adds that she gravitates towards recipes that are “easy and quick to prepare”, and ones that she knows everyone will eat and enjoy.

“All of course trying to be nutritional at the same time. Always a few boxes to tick with the family, right?!”

jules guy sebastian family
Jules and Guy’s sons sometimes help out in the kitchen. (Credit: Instagram)

Jules is married to singer Guy Sebastian, and they share two kids together, nine-year-old Hudson and seven-year-old Archer, both of whom have already taken an interest in the kitchen.

“Huddie is probably more interested than Archie at this stage,” the 41-year-old reveals of her eldest.

“Huds is a great helper – he likes to get things out of the fridge and put things into bowls. He is a fun little sous chef!”

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