The Home And Away death conspiracy theory sending fans into a frenzy

Who dies?
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Summer Bay is never short on drama, but one upcoming storyline is sure to shock fans with one Home And Away character being killed off.

The question on everyone’s lips is: Who dies?

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Per TV WEEK, a body is going to wash up in Summer Bay in coming weeks and the “bombshell discovery will send shock waves throughout the Bay”.

Exactly who will face the brutal end is unknown, but it has been narrowed down to four locals –  Leah (Ada Nicodemou), Justin (James Stewart), Susie (Bridie Carter) or Mac (Emily Weir).

How the unidentified victim dies is also unknown. Were they murdered or will it be a tragic accident?

Home And Away Justin
Justin’s been battling addiction. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Fans will know Justin has succumb to a pain killer addiction recently, and according to TV WEEK it’s set to come to a head very soon.

“In his strung-out state, Justin is liable to do just about anything. But will his ever-growing hunger for drugs turn lethal?” it reads.

Could this said hunger lead to his own demise, or worse – could he turn on Leah?

In a state of delusion, searching for drugs, it appears Justin may turn on his girlfriend. Fearing for her safety, Leah hides in the bathroom as Justin pounds at the door. Yikes.

James’ wife Sarah left the show earlier this year. (Credit: Instagram)

A popular fan theory online suggests James Stewart may be leaving the show following suit of his wife, Sarah Roberts, whose character, Willow, exited earlier this year.

“Justin as his wife’s no longer on the show anymore, they probably have other plans,” one fan reasoned.

Meanwhile, Mac, has been in a downward spiral for weeks following her devastating miscarriage and split from boyfriend, Ari.

Mac’s been on a dangerous downward spiral. (Credit: Channel Seven)

When the Salt owner goes missing, her brother Dean fears the worst and even reports her missing to police. Could something have happened to her while in another state?

Some fans think so.

“I think Mac because of the down ward spiel she is going,” one fan wrote.

Susie fled Summer Bay after stealing from Justin and Leah. (Credit: Channel Seven)

The most popular theory however suggest con-woman Susie is going to get what’s coming to her.

Having swindled Leah and Justin out of their house deposit, the couple learned Susie had a shocking history of deceiving and stealing from innocent people.

Could someone have tracked her down and lost their cool?

“I think Susie! Maybe she’s already dead and this new man supposedly trying to help find her has killed her off took the money and is trying to cover his tracks by messaging John and having people think she’s still alive?” one fan commented.

Another suggested Justin is the one who snuffs Susie out.

“I think maybe Susie will get done in by Justin (in his drug induced state). He’s been having some pretty big temper outbursts lately, and he probably see’s Suzie and loses it over the money they lost to her,” they wrote.

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