How Grant and Chezzi Denyer’s relationship started with a scandal

The couple HATED each other at the beginning.
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They may be expecting their third child together, but for Grant and Chezzi Denyer, their romance sure wasn’t love at first sight.

WATCH: Grant and Chezzi Denyer admit they hated each other when they met

In fact, the pair couldn’t stand each other when they first met working on the set of Sunrise over a decade ago.

Speaking on their podcast, IT’S ALL TRUE? in September 2020, Grant didn’t hold back when he admitted, “We hate each other. Quite frankly, we just hated each other”.

The feeling was mutual for Chezzi who said she found Grant “annoying” because he was spread so thin working across several shows at the time that he wasn’t doing his weather presenting job properly. As his producer, it was Chezzi’s job to keep him in line and make him look good on air.

Grant and Chezzi Denyer
Now happily married, Chezzi and Grant Denyer hated each other when they first met. (Credit: Getty)

Meanwhile, Grant thought Chezzi was even “more annoying” because he saw her as trying to tell him how to do his job.

However, things took a turn when Grant and Chezzi one day inadvertently brushed hands and he felt a jolt of chemistry.

“There was a moment, there was a spark, there was an explosion inside of me and I was like ‘whoa!’ and the game changed, and my world stopped and love just flooded in”.

He added: “I was like, I felt this tingle from head to toe come over me. I realised I cannot live without this woman and I need her in my life forever.”

Grant and Chezzi Denyer
The couple share two daughters: Sailor, eight, and Scout, four, and have another child on the way. (Credit: Instagram)

But their romance wasn’t all smooth sailing after that point. Throwing a spanner in the works was the fact Chezzi was married and Grant was in a relationship at the time.

Trying to keep things under wraps, Grant and Chezzi went to extreme lengths to hide their secret tryst.

“We were scared of it because it was very powerful feeling, I had not experienced that before,” Chezzi revealed.

Grant added: “It felt naughty, it felt wrong but it felt oh-so-right. Colleagues started to cotton on, rumours started to spread and you had paparazzi waiting outside your apartment. I was trying to sneak in and out to see you. You were wearing wigs.”

Grant and Chezzi Denyer
Grant and Chezzi married in 2009 and last year celebrated their 10-year anniversary by renewing their vows. (Credit: Instagram)

They spilled that Chezzi almost lost her job due to the ordeal as the network assumed she was leaking the stories to the press in order to destroy Grant’s relationship.

Despite the drama at the beginning, Chezzi and Grant’s love for one another prevailed and the couple eventually wed in 2009 in a stunning ceremony on Hamilton Island.

Since then, they’ve welcomed two beautiful daughters, Sailor, eight and Scout, four, and have another bundle of joy on the way.

And proving the love they have for another is still prevailing, the couple renewed their vows a decade after they first walked down the aisle with their two young daughters there to witness Grant and Chezzi’s second big day.

“It’s a real shame the girls weren’t born when we got married before, so it’s great  we could do this for them now,” Grant told WHO last year.

Grant and Chezzi Denyer
Grant and Chezzi renewed their vows in 2020. (Credit: Lawrence Furzey/ Are Media archive)

Chezzi, who dazzled in an embroidered ivory Zimmermann gown, shared an emotional tribute to her husband, reflecting on the highs and lows they’ve experienced together during their relationship.

“No matter what has been thrown our way, what challenges and difficulties, we have overcome every single one of them. And the most important part is that our love has only grown stronger for one another over the years. I love you more today than I did when we first got married, and that is a testament to our connectedness and enduring passion,” she said.

And with another baby soon to be added to the Denyer family, there’s no doubt their relationship story will only become more colourful.

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