Grant and Chezzi’s public showdown

The married couple were tense during their day out.
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He’s had a tough year filled with setbacks and injury, so it’s no surprise Grant Denyer might want to let loose and enjoy himself.

WATCH: Grant Denyer admits his wife Chezzi ‘nearly left him’

But at the recent Derby Day event kicking off Melbourne Cup month, Grant appeared more animated than usual as he seemingly made the most of the fizz on offer and enjoyed a day out with his wife, Chezzi.

At one point the TV host was spotted with two glasses of Champagne on the go!

Chezzi was seen giving her husband a stern look. (Credit: New Idea)

And while it’s very possible he was being a gentleman and holding his wife’s glass, an onlooker at the celeb-packed event tells New Idea that at points during the event Chezzi was “looking a little concerned” at her husband’s behaviour as he continued to “party hard”.

At one point, he was seen holding two glasses of Champagne. (Credit: New Idea)

Grant looked slightly dishevelled and at one point Chezzi appeared to be doing her best to straighten him up, smooth his hair and adjust his
tie for waiting photographers.

But Grant really got into his stride while chatting to other guests, having what looked to be a very impassioned conversation with Matt Preston. He leant so close to Matt at one point the former MasterChef judge seemed to avert his eyes and looked uncomfortable.

Grant Denyer appeared engaged in a tense conversation with TV chef Matt Preston. (Credit: New Idea)

Before the glitzy celeb-packed event, the mum of two had made her excitement about the event apparent, turning to social media to request advice from followers on what to wear and then revealing the stunning results of her professional makeup and hair makeover for the event. She signed off, “Let’s get this party started.

While she posted a cute portrait of her and Grant, cheek to cheek, taken on the event’s red carpet and captioned it, “Squeezes for my [red love heart emoji]”, she appeared less than impressed by her husband in the candid snaps. In fact, she failed to raise a smile as she stood by him, no doubt unimpressed that her hubby was having a bit too much fun.

Grant looked away, as Chezzi tried to straighten his tie. (Credit: New Idea)

At the event, Grant confirmed circulating rumours that Family Feud could be finally returning, telling the Herald Sun, “I think its been discussed, I do know it was, but I dont know where its at”.

He added, “Celebrity Name Game is going well and it’s on-brand – it’s young, it’s fun, it’s fast, it’s bright. I get stopped in the street 20 times a day. Everyone loved Family Feud.”

Trouble in paradise? (Credit: New Idea)

Last month it was announced that Grant would be teaming up with I’m a Celeb winner Yvie Jones in December to host a twoweeklong summer brekkie show for the Hit FM Network.

Back in August, it was announced that Grant’s breakfast show on 2DayFM, which he fronted alongside Ed Kavalee and Ash London, was being axed.

Earlier this year, Grant’s career took a hit when he was struck by a series of health-related setbacks. A severe back injury led him to withdraw from hosting Dancing with the Stars and he spent a significant time in hospital and rehab as he recovered from a debilitating ruptured disc.

Then in July, Grant reported he was bedridden once again after he was struck down by a parasite while holidaying in
Bali and had to temporarily withdraw from hosting Celebrity Name Game.

For more, see this week’s New Idea – out now! 

(Credit: New Idea)

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