Farmer Wants A Wife’s Liz Jelley claims she’s been “banned” by the show

Just as the new season begins.
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Farmer Wants A Wife’s 2021 season has cracked the whip and officially kicked off.

As a new season sure to bring new drama began last night, Liz Jelley, who appeared on last season of the show, claimed she had been “banned” from the dating series’ social pages.

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The marriage celebrant who was Farmer Nick’s chosen “lady” come finale time, is known for actively speaking out against the show and now says she’s been blocked from doing so further. 

“Farmer Wants A Wife have blocked me from commenting on their Instagram and Facebook pages,” Liz wrote on an Instagram story before adding: “Whatcha scared of?”

Liz revealed she was banned from the FWAW socials. (Credit: Instagram)

Liz then shared a post to her page ahead of the FWAW premiere to remind viewers to be kind but also warn participants not to engage with trolls.

“There’s a “Reality” TV show going to air tonight. For some reason this means people of a lower intellect believe you deserve to be bullied,” she began.

“So, some unsolicited advice for you all.

Liz is calling for kindness ahead of the new season. (Credit: Instagram)

“1) don’t read it 2) if you see hateful/mean comments, don’t engage. You can’t argue with stupid.

“3) if you happen upon a post, go ahead and leave a kind comment. Hearts maybe, compliment someone in the post, remind them they are brave. If we drown the haters out with kindness, maybe they’ll get the idea. *I have been banned from all their pages so you all have to do this for me 😂

She continued: “4) if you are a troll, go and have a good hard look at yourself and find out why you’re so unhappy & address it.

“5) if you see anything on an official FWAW page which is threatening or just really too awful, tag Farmer Wants a Wife in it asking them to remove it. They do a crap job at monitoring comments, so if it’s really bad, call them out. It’ll be gone quick smart 😉.”

Liz was farmer Nick’s final contender. (Credit: Seven)

In a happy twist for the former star, Liz revealed to TV WEEK she had found love post-show.

“I hadn’t really dated after the show because it’s so awkward, so it was nice to meet someone who didn’t know about it,” Liz revealed of her new partner, Dean, who hadn’t watched the show.

“He’s a country boy, down-to-earth & funny. It’s also nice being with someone who is genuinely on the same page as you.”

We have reached out to Seven for comment.

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