Farmer Wants A Wife 2021 winners LEAKED

It's all in the odds.
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The Farmer Wants A Wife finale, which will see each country bloke decide which lady he wants to spend the rest of his life on the farm with, is fast approaching.

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The final week kicked off with a plethora of hopeful singles being sent home leaving each farmer with just two ladies to choose from come that last episode.

For Andrew it’s Jess and Ash remaining, for Matt it’s Tara and Alex, for Will it’s Jaimee and Kristina, for Sam it’s Allanah and Mackenzie and for Farmer Rob, who had a whole new crop of ladies introduced mid-season, it’s Vici and Kate.

With the finale looming, new intel from Sportsbet has given a very big hint at who the farmers will pick.

Farmer Andrew (Credit: Seven)

Farmer Andrew

It’s been hard to pick which way Andrew is leaning coming into the finale. But if the numbers are anything to go by Jess is the favourite by a small margin.

After Jess dropped the L-bomb on the farmer leading into the finale, we aren’t surprised she’s the top pick.

Farmer Matt
Farmer Matt (Credit: Seven)

Farmer Matt

After sending home front-runner Hayley it appears Tara is the clear choice for Farmer Matt.

Despite leaving the farm last week in dramatic scenes only to return shortly after, Matt’s feelings for Tara haven’t wavered.

Farmer Sam (Credit: Seven)

Farmer Sam

In a strange twist, the odds are pointing to Farmer Sam pulling a Honey Badger and picking no one.

If he were to pick between his final two ladies it’s Mackenzie who is tipped to take his heart, by a long shot at that.

Farmer Will (Credit: Seven)

Farmer Will

Jaimee appears to be a sure bet when it comes to Will’s choice, so much so the odds say the farmer is more like to pick no one than to pick second choice Kristina. Yikes.

Considering Kristina didn’t land a single date until just this week, it could be a case of too little too late to form a connection as strong as that of Will and Jaimee’s.

Farmer Rob (Credit: Seven)

Farmer Rob

The verdict is still out on Rob, mostly likely due to his shock shake-up mid-season. Will it be Vici or Kate?

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