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How sliding into his crush’s Instagram DMs scored Rob Mills a wife-to-be

“She's just a sensational human being.”
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These days, it’s not uncommon for people to meet in a more modern manner than our grandparents did.

Between dating apps and the plethora of social media outlets available at our fingertips, it’s no wonder Cupid’s arrow has gone digital.

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For singer and Dancing With The Stars: All Stars contestant Rob Mills, the ease of digital communications has helped him immensely in his romantic pursuits. After spotting ABC presenter Georgie Tunny on TV a few years ago, he decided to slide into her DMs on Instagram.

“I had been living the single life and going on lots of horrible Tinder dates. Then one morning in 2018 I flicked on the television to ABC News Breakfast and went ‘Who is that?!’” the performer told the Sydney Morning Herald in July 2020.

Rob Mills Georgie Tunny
Rob Mills and Georgie Tunny announced their engagement on New Year’s Day. (Credit: Instagram)

“She was beautiful and articulate. I needed to know her. I Googled ‘Who is the new ABC sports presenter?’, and Georgie’s name came up. I sent her a direct message on Instagram, which opened with, ‘I promise I’m not crazy’.”

Luckily for Rob, Georgie recognised Rob from his Australian Idol days – a show which she was an avid fan of during his season while she was in high school.

Since that initial DM-slide, a loving relationship blossomed and in 2020 the former Neighbours star told Now To Love what he believed the key to their success is.

“I read somewhere once that if both people think that they’re batting above their average, the relationship is in a good place,” Rob said.

“I think she’s just a sensational human being. She’s funny, a lot smarter than me, she inspires me with her work ethic and who she is as a human. I think we worked because we talk and we talk a lot about what works, what doesn’t work for us, the monthly reviews [laughs].”

Rob MIlls Georgie tunny
“She was beautiful and articulate. I needed to know her” (Credit: Instagram)

Almost a year after that interview, Rob chatted to WHO and revealed the couple had hit a new milestone.

“We’re tracking along nicely, we’re coming up to three years and we’ve just moved into our place. She was living at my place in the city and we’ve just moved out of there and into our place which is lovely,” Rob  spilled.

“We’re doing adult stuff – we’re going furniture shopping and buying a couch.”

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Georgie Tunny Rob Mills
“I think she’s just a sensational human being. She’s funny, a lot smarter than me, she inspires me with her work ethic and who she is as a human. ” (Credit: Instagram)

But the best was yet to come for the smitten pair, and as the calendar ticked over to 2022 Rob and Georgie were clearly ready to solidify their romance even further.

Taking to Instagram on New Year’s Day, Rob announced the happy news fans had been waiting – he’d put a ring on it!

“Best road trip of my life. I asked this girl to be my wife…” he wrote alongside a photo of the couple together, with Georgie brandishing an engagement ring.

“Happy New Year everyone. Hope you learnt some new skills throughout the last few years. Went deeper. Loved harder. Listened more. It’s worth it.

“Had a few beers with a mate the other day. He offered up some advice about marriage… ‘Give.’ That was it. Simple. I’m gonna give it a go. Cause she’s worth it.”

Congratulations to the happy couple – we can’t to see the wedding!

Rob Mills Georgie Tunny
Congrats to Rob and Georgie! (Credit: Instagram)

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