Rob Mills admits the “two punches” he’s ever thrown were both over Paris Hilton

“I can’t believe I did that…”
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Rob Mills has been one of Australia’s most beloved performers ever since his first appearance on Australian Idol back in 2003.

And while most fans adore Millsy for his impressive career – which includes a lengthy stint on Neighbours and multiple musicals – some fans are more interested in his personal life; namely the time he briefly dated Paris Hilton.

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But this is something that Rob just can’t fathom. While speaking to Mamamia’s No Filter podcast, Rob said he finds it “odd” that some fans still bring up the fling he had with Paris; despite the fact that it happened twenty years ago and he’s currently (and happily) engaged to Georgie Tunny.

“It seems a weird, and I hate this phrase but dare I say, ‘locker room chat’ kind of thing. I don’t want to talk about it. It’s not a trophy. I have a fiancée. Like, why are we doing this? Is this titillating to you? Has nothing exciting happened in your life to- I don’t know. It seems odd to me.”

Rob also spoke more about the only “two punches” he’s ever thrown, both of which were provoked by someone making a remark to him about Paris.

“I’ve only thrown two punches in my life and both of them were for that,” Rob said.

rob mills
Rob Mills feels “cringey” about the only two punches he’s ever thrown (both of which were over Paris Hilton). (Credit: Getty)

For context, in his memoir Putting On A Show, Rob details both punches in great detail. The first punch happened in 2006; while in Germany, two men approached Rob and one put him in a headlock while the other asked, “How did Paris Hilton taste?” This led to Rob throwing a punch.

The second punch happened years later, at a film premiere, when someone made “crude remarks” about Paris to him and his then-partner.

In his book, Rob wrote that he regrets getting physically violent on both occasions.

“Those two different men were both out of line. But that’s no excuse. I was an idiot for throwing those punches. Violence has no place in our society (unless for self-defence). It’s toxic. It’s masculinity gone rogue.”

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And Rob echoed that remorseful sentiment while speaking about the two incidents on the No Filter podcast.

“To this day, I still feel cringey about doing it.”

“There was adrenaline flowing through me. The shock of it, that it happened. I cried, I think, for doing it… I was like, ‘I can’t believe I did that. I’m sorry I hurt someone,’” Rob said.

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