Alex Nation has just taken a big step in her relationship

'It just feels so good'
Alex Nation/Instagram

Just three months after confirming their relationship, Alex Nation has revealed she is living with girlfriend Meagan Luxa.

The former Bachelor star even told the Daily Telegraph that the loved-up pair are even considering marriage.

‘As of the last few weeks (we’ve lived together). It’s been really nice. It just feels so good. Nothing forced or scary,’ the 26 year old said.

And when asked if marriage was on the cards, the Melbourne based radio star said: ‘If this continues to blossom and grow there’s no reason why I wouldn’t.’

Confirming the timeline of her relationship with chef and landscaper Maegan, 31, for the first time, Alex said she ‘just went for it’ after she broke up with Richie Strahan and met Meagan whilst playing Aussie Rules football for the Frankston Bombers in May.

‘As months went past I confided in friends at the football club about it. I thought do I just go for it, I’m in a complicated situation myself,’ she explained.

‘[Thinking] I don’t want to get into anything too quickly. I then just muscled up the courage to go for it.’

Alex did not reveal when she split with her former Bachelor star beau, however, they were last pictured together at the Logies in April.

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