Kmart unveils it’s amazing new toy range

Excuse us, we have somewhere important to be...

Kmart Australia has officially unveiled it’s latest wooden toy range, and it’s as epic as you’d think.

Instagram account Kmart_Bargains has shared the new range with it’s followers – and parents are going crazy over the amazing new selection. 

While the wooden food is always a knock out, the clear winners in the latest release are the Wooden Vanity Set and Wooden BBQ Set, both for a bargain price of just $39!

A $29 wooden trolley cleaning set also stole the hearts of parents. 

On Instagram, one parent wrote in response: ‘hehehe👏👏👏 Get them learning early!’

‘Oh my goodness!! We’re getting one 😍😍,’ another added. 

Parents were quick to flock to the social media posts, saying ‘Looks like I’ll be making a trip to my local Kmart.’ 

But, it doesn’t end there. 

A bunch of other must-haves were released in the same drop, including an activity gym and market stall. 

Activity gym, $17
Activity gym, $17 (Credit: Kmart)
Wooden Cookie Cutting Set, $8
Wooden Cookie Cutting Set, $8 (Credit: Kmart)
Wooden Market Stall Playset, $69
Wooden Market Stall Playset, $69 (Credit: Kmart)
Wooden Sandwich Press Set, $8
(Credit: Kmart)

Excuse us while we pop out to do some chores…

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