Princess Mary and Prince Frederik: Torn apart over THIS

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They’re gearing up for their new roles of king and queen, but it appears beloved royal couple Princess Mary and Prince Frederik of Denmark may be drifting apart.

The Prince and Princess put on a united front earlier this year, attending many events together.

However, the couple have been spending more and more time apart lately, sparking fears for their marriage.

Princess Mary and Prince Frederik
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In fact, the last time they were seen together was 25 days ago, and they appeared uncharacteristically tense.

Mary recently travelled solo to Texas, to promote Denmark at the CERAWeek conference.

The Australia-born princess appeared to have a twinkle in her eye as she greeted a strapping male guest at a gala dinner at Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts.

Meanwhile, Mary was nowhere to be seen last week when Fred travelled to Argentina on a state visit with his mother, Queen Margrethe II.

Prince Frederik and Princess Mary
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The royal relationship has reportedly been under strain since last September, following Fred’s back surgery.

Sources say that while Fred has now recovered, he’s still not taking his royal duties seriously.

Margrethe is furious with Fred and had a stern word with him on their recent tour. She told him that he needs to make more of an effort with his royal duties and his relationship with Mary.

After Fred’s surgery, Mary was forced to step up and attend events alone.

Couple that with raising their four children and it’s no wonder Mary is feeling overwhelmed – and sources say the 47-year-old gets little support from Frederik.

“It’s hard for Fred to understand sometimes and he’s a little dismissive of her feelings,” says a royal insider.

Princess Mary and Prince Frederik
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Royal sources say that trouble has been brewing between the couple for quite some time.

“There are a lot of rumours of tension between Mary and Fred,” says the insider. “There are whispers running wild of a divorce or possible split, and it’s become very stressful for the whole palace – trying to work out what’s going on.

“The truth is, that like any married couple, Fred and Mary are having a tough time of it at the moment,” adds the insider.

Frederik’s laziness isn’t the only thing reportedly causing

a rift between the couple.

The prince has had his fair share of alcohol scandals in the past, with rumours that his boozing habits are getting in the way of their marriage.

Mary’s distance from her family is apparently another major source of arguments within their relationship.

“Mary loves her trips back home, and she’s missing her family more than usual at the moment, so it’s weighing her down that she can’t come home to visit,” says a source.

But insiders say it’s unlikely that Mary will give up on her marriage – or royal status! – anytime soon.

“Mary loves Fred, she wants to be queen and she knows they’re going to be wonderful monarchs for Denmark,” adds the insider.

“She knows Fred couldn’t do it without her – couldn’t be king without her – they just need to get through these difficult times.”

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