Prince William and Princess Kate’s response to the Harry & Meghan series

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It’s been revealed that Prince William and Princess Kate’s response to the new Harry & Meghan Netflix documentary series is simply not to watch it.

However, they will receive a full briefing of all the claims made against them and the rest of the royal family in Volume II of Harry & Meghan (which is getting released December 15) from palace aides, who will watch it.

WATCH: Trailer for Harry & Meghan Volume II

According to the Mirror, after the palace aides watch the final three episodes of Harry & Meghan and then brief William and Kate, they will all deliberate whether or not to respond to the accusations thrown at them by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

So far, the Prince and Princess of Wales have remained quiet in regards to the Harry & Meghan series and palace officials have insisted that William and Kate have not watched any of it.

prince william kate middleton
William and Kate will not watch Harry & Meghan but they will be briefed about all the claims made in it. (Credit: Getty)

Instead, Kate has been focusing on the Westminster Abbey charity Christmas concert she’s hosting. The concert, which is set to take place on December 15, will bring the royals – including King Charles – together in a show of unity.

However, in the latest trailer Harry says, “they lied to protect my brother” which has led many to wonder, ‘lied about what?’

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And fans are speculating the Duke of Sussex is referring to lies made to protect Prince William from the rumours involving Rose Hanbury; in 2019, allegations that Prince William was intimate with his close friend Rose during his marriage to Kate Middleton were made.

Of course, the context of Harry saying this comment will be made clear when Volume II of Harry & Meghan is released on Netflix, and he may not be referring to Rose at all.

But if he is, it’s likely Prince William and Princess Kate will have to break their silence and respond…

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