Duncan Larcombe spills on what Kate and Prince William’s wedding day was really like

Insider secrets.

As one of just six journalists who were invited to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding day, former royal editor of The Sun Duncan Larcombe is well-placed to dish all the juicy details. With the announcement of another royal wedding due any day now, Larcombe reflected on the 2011 event to Elle UK, calling it ‘one of the most incredible experiences of my life.’

‘You know when you’re there that you’re watching history unfold in front of your eyes,’ he says. ‘The whole of Westminster Abbey fell completely silent when Kate made her entrance. There were over 1000 people sat there in absolute silence and all we could hear was the echoes of the crowds outside.’


Larcombe reveals that guests waited over an hour for the now Duchess’s arrival, with guests ranging from royal family members and politicians to friends of the bride and groom and some very famous faces.

‘It was quite clear at the wedding that no matter if you were the Sultan of Brunei or a guy who’s been at Sandhurst with William, or a big Hollywood star, everyone got there early,’ he says ‘I think for someone like Sir Elton John, who is normally one to be the centre of attention, it was probably quite humbling.’


This article originally appeared on marie claire.

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