Prince Harry rushes to Queen’s side amid health concerns

Harry is finally back in the UK!
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Prince Harry touched down in the UK over the weekend just as concerns started growing for his grandmother, the Queen.

Reports out of the London press claim that the mobility issues she’s suffered with for months are worsening, to the point where it’s believed Her Majesty is on bed rest during her traditional summer holiday at Balmoral Castle. 

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Indeed, the 96-year-old monarch, who braved her condition to appear for her Platinum Jubilee in June, hasn’t been seen in public since July 21, and has been a no-show at her beloved chapel on the property, despite once attending church every Sunday. 

As New Idea went to press last week, it was confirmed that the Queen would not be travelling to London to appoint her new Prime Minister on September 6, but would instead break with tradition with the politician flying to Balmoral to meet with her. 

Now questions are being raised over whether Harry, her former favourite grandchild, would rush to his ailing granny’s side.

The Queen
The Queen is at Balmoral Castle. (Credit: Getty)

The 37-year-old is scheduled to attend events in Manchester and London before jetting to Germany with wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, by his side.

The couple are under fire for Meghan’s latest podcast episode and an interview with The Cut in which she complains – again – about her treatment by the palace.

“Harry has not been at the top of the Queen’s Christmas card list for a couple of years now, but at the end of the day, he is still her grandson and she loves him,” says a palace insider. 

“If her health is declining in a way that suggests the family should gather, there is no question about it – she would want Harry to be there.”

Harry and Meghan
Harry is finally back in the UK. (Credit: Getty)

Harry’s relationship with his grandmother has remained fraught since he and Meghan, 41, departed the UK under a cloud of controversy in 2020.

When the couple delivered a string of alarming allegations during a chat with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, the sovereign was forced to release an infamous statement that said while Meghan and Harry certainly remain much-loved members of her family, “some recollections may vary”.

She is also understood to have not given her blessing to the Sussexes when they named their daughter Lilibet in honour of the Queen’s childhood nickname.

“No-one will deny there are problems between grandmother and grandson, but if she were to summon him to be by her side, Harry would drop everything,” says the source.

The Queen and Harry
Worried about her health, the Duke hurries home. (Credit: Getty)

Charles’ daily visits 

Multiple UK outlets report that Prince Charles is visiting with  his dear mum on a daily basis, with one insider saying the frequency of his presence at Balmoral is “highly unusual”.

“Charles and his parents were never particularly close when he was a kid, in fact there was quite a lot of friction there,” says a palace source.

“But as he got older, he became closer with the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh. Few will forget how emotional he was when visiting with the Duke in his twilight months, and it’s fair to say it’s even more sad for him to be with his mum while she’s in pain.”

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Cambridge kids keep queen smiling 

Her Majesty is “getting a lot of joy” from her great-grandchildren as she battles her latest health issues.

“The Cambridge kids have been there for much of the summer and she adores watching them at play, especially little Prince Louis who is a real character,” says a source.

“Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie have also taken their babies, Sienna and August, for a visit this summer. 

“The Queen’s family has had its ups and downs, but she’s so proud of the dynasty she’s created.”

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