Sarah, Duchess of York throws her support behind Harry and Meghan

The Duchess of York has described them as "brave" and "trailblazers."
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Whilst the Duke and Duchess of Sussex remain on the outs from their royal relations, one relative has made a surprising show of support for the polarising pair. 

In an interview with Sunrise, Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson, Prince Harry’s former aunt through his disgraced uncle Prince Andrew (prior to their 1996 divorce), made an unexpected admission relating to her nephew and his wife, describing the couple as “brave.”

WATCH NOW: Sarah Ferguson discusses Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Sunrise. Article continues after video. 

“It’s been a colourful chapter for the royals in recent times – you’ve been clear about the fact that you left the royals, and respect the realities of all that…do you think some of the others who have left, Harry and Meghan for example, will struggle with that transition ongoing?” new Sunrise host Matt Shirvington asked the 63-year-old. 

The Duchess of York responded with grace, telling Matt and Sunrise co-host Natalie Barr that she respected how Harry and Meghan had forged their own path in the US. 

Fergie stunned the Sunrise hosts with her candid admission. (Credit: Channel Seven)

“The thing is – and I’m really adamant about this – is that anyone that is out there really trailblazing for their own beliefs, and it doesn’t matter when you’re from or who you are, you trailblaze for what you believe…that’s very brave,” the Duchess of York said. 

“I would never be one to make a comment on any other member of the royal family or anybody who does that. I just find anyone that stands very tall about their own beliefs is very brave, whoever it is.”

The surprise admission comes amidst reports that Harry and Meghan have not received an invite to Trooping the Colour on June 17th, marking the first time in history a reigning monarch has not invited one of their children to the event. 

Harry and Meghan remain estranged from most members of the royal family. (Credit: Channel Seven)

And whilst it may come as a shock to many royal watchers that the Duchess made such kind comments about her nephew and her niece-in-law, there is a good reason for it. 

“The last thing the Queen said to me was, ‘Sarah, just remember to be yourself,” Sarah told the Sunrise hosts. 

“And then she said, ‘You know, you must continue with kindness like you always do’. And I think my message, Shirvo, to you and to Natalie and to my sister and everyone listening or watching is, you know, judgement is not cool.”

“You know, no race, creed, colour or any other judgement. It’s about love and kindness and being kinder and making the smile go a long way. And just when you think you walk along a street and you have – just smile at someone, you know, give back. I feel really strongly about it.”

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